This message is to the very first generation of crack dealers in the black community. You know, the Nicki Barnes', Frank Lucas' and Nino Brown's (even though he was fictional he did exist in many corridors of the black community). This is a long post and different from my usual content, but please bear with me. It's important.

In the 1960s and early to mid 1970s, black people were strong, united, hard-working and a hellified force to be reckoned with. People were afraid of our power, so much that task forces were established by J. Edgar Hoover with the specific goal of investigating leaders like Malcolm X, Martin Luther King Jr. and powerful black groups like the Black Panthers.

Black people loved each other and loudly sang out "I'm Black and I'm PROUD!" Not caring who heard it.

Then came crack in the mid 1970s. It was cheap and it made you a whole lot of cash to buy your cars, jewels and women. Yay for you. But what about for us?

Take a look at the legacy you've left behind due to your greed and ignorance:

  • YOU are the reason why black crack babies who are grown up now (20s and 30s) are terrorizing the community and have no direction. Thanks a lot.

  • YOU are the reason why young black men want to grow up and become either 1) ball player or 2) crack slanger. You're the cause of why they don't realize that they have a brain that's good for more than passing a ball or bag of crack. Thanks a lot.

  • YOU are the reason why many black men don't have jobs. Felonious charges that haunt them for years, sometimes as much as a decade or more, prevent them from getting that wonderful position because they were influenced by YOU and your bullshhht when they were young. Now, even when they try to go straight they're hit with wall after wall. Thanks a lot original OG crack dealer.

  • YOU are the cause of why black rap music has debased the fabric of not only the black community, but America as a whole. Black rappers have absolutely no regard for the message they put out for youngsters to hear (slang dope and disrespect women) because of you and your influence. Thanks a lot.

  • YOU are the reason why people get shot in the hood, and nobody says a damned thing. Because you taught them not to snitch—just another way of keeping black people down in "their place." Thanks a lot.

  • YOU are the reason for the growth of welfare mentality in poorer black communities. You're why some young black girls in the hood coming up are influenced to believe that having a baby at 15 is their ticket to free money and living. Thanks a lot.

  • YOU are the reason why some black females in the hood in their 20s and 30s think that getting their dope dealer BF to buy them designer clothes is a sign that they've really made it in this world. Thanks crack slanger.

  • YOU are the reason why some younger black males don't know ANYTHING about their history, and gladly behave like the Uncle Toms of old upholding non-black females over their own women. Thanks a lot for helping to populate the community with more new school Uncle Toms in 2010 and beyond.

  • YOU are the reason why many young black women are now losing their loyalty to black men and "dating out" out of necessity. What choice do they have at this point with so many Uncle Toms abounding? It's either that, be disrespected, or be alone. More division in the community—thanks OG crack dealer.

  • YOU are the reason why a Jay Z (former drug dealer who seems proud of his past) and Beyonce (oversexualized caricature with a bad message for young girls) are upheld in some corridors of the black community instead of a Barack and Michelle—two educated folks who did the right thing all of their lives. Thanks a lot for that one.

  • YOU are the reason why people of all races actually believe that the average black woman is a lowly, ghetto welfare queen, even though the majority of black women are hard-working, educated, and successful. In fact, black women make more than their white counterparts.  But thanks crack slanger, you are the cause of that widespread misconception.

I could go on an on down the list of how you are the source of all of the ills of the black community. I know that the majority of you are either dead, in jail, living on the streets, or trying to get a major motion picture made in your name ala American Gangster now, but I still feel it's important for us to lay the blame where it truly lies—squarely in the lap of the black men (and a few women) who promoted the proliferation of drugs into black communities after the civil rights movement.

Don't you see it was all a plan to weaken blacks after that ultra-powerful time for African Americans? And it worked swimmingly.  

And don't you see that in 2010, that plan is still in motion? The media is the source of the attack now, mostly on black women because they know that black women are the last source of strength and perseverance in the black community. Disagree with me all you want, but just think about that for a moment.

Many black people love to play the blame game. We blame black men for not stepping up more in the community. We blame black women for raising future drug dealers and lacking males.

But in truth, the fault can easily be traced back to you, original crack dealer. Your greed and ignorance is the main cause of why too many black men don't have any sense or direction and black women are left alone to struggle for the community themselves. This solves the mystery—you (and that ever-strong compulsion to "go for self") are the problem. THANKS A WHOLE LOT.



  1. CB Lady On May 29, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    feel free to add to the list of blame for those greed-fueled original drug dealers who did nothing to protect the black community when it was most important


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