Guess what America? Positive, classy black women on TV equal high ratings. What Chilli Wants, Basketball Wives, and Family Business Brandy and Ray J ratings.

Narrow minded TV executives are now eating crow after a new crop of black television shows depicting black women in a positive light are doing very well in ratings.

These are the latest ratings numbers from three new VH1 shows depicting positive, classy black women in a positive light:

Premiere Night:
What Chilli Wants 1.6 million viewers
Basketball Wives 1.6 million total viewers
Family Business Brandy and Ray J 1.5 million viewers
(source: TVbythenumbers )

Latest stats as of May 11:
What Chilli Wants 1.301 million viewers
Basketball Wives 1.234 million total viewers
Family Business Brandy and Ray J 962 million viewers
(source: TVbythenumbers )

These are the highest rated shows on VH1 right now (Tough Love Couples barely broke 800,000). Let's Talk About Pep also did very well in ratings last season.

So I guess violent, oversexed black women ala Flavor of Love aren't the only types people want to see on television after all VH1? 

Taking this ratings cue, VH1 has decided to start a black female version of Sex and the City featuring Stacy Dash, Lauren London, and Lisa Raye.

This is the same feeling I got when Pantene finally realized that black women spend up to SIX times more than other cultures on hair products.



  1. Anonymous On May 24, 2010 at 5:32 PM

    How is basketball wives a positive depiction of Black women? Those girls are lucky gold diggers with no class or education.

    I agree with Chilli and Brandy though. They are great representations of Black women.

      CB Lady On May 25, 2010 at 10:31 AM

    OK I can agree that a few of the women on Basketball Wives aren't very classy, (probably trying to stand out so that they can get their own show lol) but a couple of them are cool. I like Jennifer.

      CB Lady On May 25, 2010 at 10:32 AM

    BTW, brandy still has that talent! I'm kinda looking forward to seeing her do something with the rapping AND singing


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