There has been a mainstream media attack launched against black women over the past two years. Now black women are fed up and fighting back.

Over the past year and a half to two years, the mainstream media has been treating black women like targets at a shooting range. And you don't even have to be a black woman to notice this anymore. It's no longer paranoia--it's a very real fact.

Just to quickly summarize the ongoing negative themes we hear about black women constantly in the media:

  • Why are so many black women single and lonely (as if other races of women don't have any problems finding good men)
  • Successful black women don't get married (so I guess we're all supposed to "dumb down" and seek lesser paying jobs)
  • Half of black women s t d carriers (completely misleading statistics released by the CDC based on a small sample taken in economically disadvantaged areas which was then discredited by a variety of medical professionals)
  • Black women only have $5 net worth (despite the fact that a news story revealed that black women make more than white women on average-- see it here)
  • Black women should act more like "other" women (courtesy a black male rapper named "Slim Thug" whose career has been supported and promoted by black women and girls loyally over the years)

You know the usual news headlines that attempt to emotionally and psychologically break down the psyche of strong black women. 

Don't believe me?

Do a search for the term "black women" in Google right now....

On the very first page of results you see "Jezebel Stereotype," "70% of african american women are single" and "Black women unmarried." The results may change as this blog post ages, but why is it that we black women can't even do a search for ourselves without getting slammed with negative stories online?

I have a theory about why the mainstream media has chosen black women as a target, and I have written about it briefly on my about page. 

I personally believe that the media chose to start this attack on black women right after Michelle Obama became the First Lady of the United States. It seems as if the positive image of this wonderful black lady in the White House was just too much for the media to handle. 

Think about it. The negative portrayals, stories, and statistics (all severely slanted and misguided) about black women started popping up in the news cycle a little under two years ago. Right around the time that Mrs. Obama became the First Lady. Strange, huh?

Well, Black Women Have Had Enough

For a while, this negative media left black women reeling and surprised. "Where did all of this come from?" many of us asked ourselves.

But after doing some research on the various blogs and websites online, I'm starting to see an encouraging trend among my beautiful, strong, resilient sisters.

Black women are FED UP and FIRED UP!

Many of us have finally decided to start fighting back against this negative media onslaught by starting (and posting to) blogs, websites, and campaigns to inject positive news about black women into the mainstream media.

Also, we're starting to realize the fullness of our economic power in the United States. As I've quoted many times, black women spend over $600 billion every year. If we stop giving that money to companies, entertainers and media outlets who openly disrespect black women and start  funneling the majority of that cash back into other black women-owned businesses, imagine how powerful we can really become as a group.

I have always said and I still believe going forward that black women will have our day. One day, the same media enterprises, groups, and individuals that have tried to rip our image to shreds will be kissing our feet and begging for our forgiveness, trying to get back in our good graces. That includes the Chris Rocks, D.L. Hughleys, Slim Thugs, Lil Waynes, and John Mayers of the world. When that does happen, be sure to kick the beggars away -- they have made their beds and we should most certainly let them lie in it.

Our black female ancestors, grandmothers, mothers, aunts and sisters have suffered through injustice after injustice in this country, continued to survive, and remain strong. We can not let them down now. 

Black sisters: continue to fight back while staying classy. Spend your money with other worthy sisters and brothers whenever possible. I will be back with more positive, encouraging news soon.

Love Tabby



  1. Anonymous On November 16, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    This has been happening to us for a lot longer than just recently. I first realized the aweful truth about this when my mother married and moved my sister and I to the south. She moved us away from quiet family oriented country life in Virginia to a different version of "country" in Louisiana! This is where I was exposed to so called popular music of national radio and New Orleans Rap music or "New orleans Bounce music." I asked my stepfather why the people sang things like that. He told me that I should just accept things the way that they were. Black people have collectively failed black youth by not speaking out publicly as a group and openly shunning those people. They say they're expressing themselves as an individual all the while knowingly tearing down the world image of blacks as people. I believe that black people are REALLY SCARED to speak out for fear of being hurt or killed like Dr. King! African pride has always been on lifesupport because of warfare and then slavery. There never was any UNITY because of the lust for greed and power. I'm hoping that All black people who know that were better than what many bad brown apples have shown the world, will unite and change things Quickly. Black people like us have to abandon those bad apples that call themselves black people. We know them. Some of them are our own family members! We need to re-educate our youth and ourselves on what values & morals really are. We need to form alliances with other black families, actually help Build other black families, build wealth, acquire land, and move into positions of government. We lack political power "even with a biracial president", financial power, and also power with technology. And yes, Barack is Bi-Racial! Good, he's wanting the best for all americans but, Seriously WE NEED HELP. It's aweful to know that the struggle is not over. When it should've been over a very long time ago. He choose Michelle as his wife because she was an outstanding woman. I don't believe her being black really had anything to do with it. He has no REAL SENSE of loyalty to African americans! His mother was white. Some of her real and imagined white privilege was learned and experienced by him. White americans are the dominant peoples in the current system we live UNDER. And we will never simply live IN it until we make these changes.

      Anonymous On April 16, 2012 at 4:23 AM

    Black women have been disrespected for YEARS!! It didn't happen after Michelle Obama. We've been bashed and stereotyped in music, cartoons, commercials, ADs, videos, and everything you can name. Because even though Michelle Obama defies every negative stereotype that's been attached to black women for decades she still has been bashed, stereotypes and ridiculed by white society. They've compared her to a monkey, they've talked about her butt and how big it was (she's lost it now) called her a angry black woman, and they've drawn cartoons depicting her in a sexist way. So tell me what good does it do to ignore the blatant disrespect black women get when our First Lady who is the epitome of all things negative of black women is still stereotypes and belittled regardless? It does nothing which is why BLACK WOMEN NEED TO START SPEAKING UP!! It pains me to see black women constantly push being disrespected and ignored to the side. We're the most underrepresented women on the planet and yet we make it worse by just accepting defeat. I think there's psychological damage as well. Some people get beaten, abused and harmed mentally, verbal and physically for so long they tend to accept it as normal behavior towards them. It's quite sad. Black women have been subjected to negative images and behavior toward our group for so long that we've used it against one anoter. Remember comedian Lil Duval and his "Basic bitch" phrase to describe black women? I was floored at how many black women used that term (and still do) to describe other black women. So we need to let our sisters know it's not cute, it's not funny, its not something you should accept when you're being disrespected like this. I literally had to argue with another black woman on another forum about not acceptin this mess and she kept tellig me how black women need to stop acting like that and watching shows that show us in such manner and maybe it'll change. I lost all hope after that, but not since I stumbled upon this blog. Sistas, sistas please please reach out and band together. We're all we have we have no support system like black men do, we have no one to coddle us like black men do so let's come together and help one another to fight against these attacks.


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