Black women, it's time we stop supporting black rappers once and for all. Starting TODAY.

I recently came upon a story about a rapper named Slim Thug. He has chosen to take the degradation of black women by rappers to another level with some very mean comments toward the same women who birthed, raised and supported him to the status he's at now. I won't go into details about what he said, because frankly it's mostly gibberish, but you can read the article and comments here.

Now I don't commonly like to post negative news about my lovely black sisters here at -- the purpose of this blog is to uplift the black female community. But shortly after his comments were publicized, a black man of merit Professor Marc Lamont Hill (pictured to the left) stepped forward and put this "Slim Thug" in his place. It's so nice to see a good black man finally come to the forefront in defense of black women for a change. 

By the way, hey Will Smith, Denzel, Mike Epps and black men in the entertainment biz: where are you brothers when black women are being attacked like this in the media? We supported you all day in and out to get you to where you careers are--so why are you suspiciously silent when nonsense like this makes it way up to the top of the news cycle against your staunchest supporters?

But back to the topic at hand. I just want to speak to black women right now. I seriously think it's time for us to stop supporting black rappers. PERIOD. They disrespect us in just about every song, praising non-black women (beckys) and lusting after "red bones." I recently heard a song by Lil Wayne on the radio promoting the single ho-rrific life that many black men now think is "normal." No other race of men disrespects and disregards their women the way that these black "men" do.

So why are you, a proud sista with sense, still supporting this mess from black rappers?

Did you know that black women have a buying power of more than $600 BILLION each year? (Source: WomenEntrepeneur). It's estimated that black women account for 85% of buying decisions in the black community. 

Black women lets wield that power starting today. Stop supporting the work of black "men" who don't and won't support you through their art and in their personal lives. If you absolutely must listen to a rap song that's degrading women and droning on about the same old same old above a catchy beat, go old school and tape it from the radio or listen on youtube. Do not spend another dime on the likes of Slim Thug or any other rapper who has disrespected black women in the media or his songs. 

Continue to uplift true, dedicated black men like Professor Hill who is aware of his history and isn't afraid to speak up on the behalf of his sisters. 

That is all I have to say on that matter. Now black women, lets continue rising up and getting stronger.

Love Tabby



  1. Esho Woman On June 13, 2010 at 12:14 PM

    I love this idea. I really wish it could happen. What would black men do if we stopped buying this crap, held out and stopped having sex with fools like these for a month or two. I bet they would appreciate us a great deal more

      CB Lady On June 13, 2010 at 4:07 PM

    You can make it a reality, starting today Esho Woman. Even if just you and I stop supporting these poor excuses for black men, it is a success. Tell your black woman friends to boycott negative rap music effective immediately too -- we deserve better.

      Elegance On March 6, 2011 at 3:54 PM

    I support this movement and have been criticizing hip hop for several years. None of my money goes to any of these people. Maybe in the past hip hop was different, but it has been damaged beyond repair! I don't listen to the music and I would prefer a man who wasn't that into it either, especially the really negative ones like Lil Wayne. Not only the misogyny is a problem, it also promotes foul language, self-degrading use of the n-word, aggression, and materialism. This has to stop!


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