Black women, you are the ish! Be proud of your African heritage, looks, traits, and roots. 

Black is beautiful. Young black ladies, show more pride in your African features, history, and uniqueness.

- Hold your head up high whenever you are walking down the street. Don't walk around looking at the ground or feeling sad -- you are a strong African-esque woman ACT LIKE IT!

- Stop trying to assimilate to white culture--that is a recipe for disaster. You might have white friends, but that doesn't mean you have to be just like them. You are not white and you will never be white--get that through your beautiful head and be thankful, because many white people envy your rich culture, strength in the face of adversity, and your distinctive African features. They try to make you feel inferior based on their own personal inferiority complex. You are an African American woman and you're beautiful in your own right--remember that. How ironic that whites spend thousands of dollars each year (dark tanning, injections, and implants) trying to look just like YOU! Celebrate your own culture black woman.

- Get in shape girl. Health and fitness should be a top priority for you as a strong black woman. Who said you have to be rail thin and unhealthy like most celebrities and models? Aim for a curvy, healthy and fit physique. Visit a website like Black Women's Health or Livestrong (where you can set goals and "dares" for yourself and make commitments with other members) to start getting on the track to better health.

- Get rid of the negative people around you. if you have a friend, boyfriend, or even a family member who's constantly saying negative things about black women or black people in general EX that person out of your life permanently. He/she isn't worth your presence! The influence of others is very real, it's why kids who grow up being told they aren't going to amount to anything usually don't and have very low self-esteem. 

- If you wear a messy weave or wig, take that fake mess out of your hair and proudly display your African locks. Who said you have to wear your hair bone straight like a white girl--the perm factory that makes millions off of your regular purchases? There's nothing wrong with wearing your hair (even if it's relaxed) in a big puffy or wavy Afro style along with a pair of huge hoop earrings (another African accessory) sometimes -- spray your AFRICAN hair with some oil sheen and go ! Go to Black Hair Media and network with other black ladies regarding natural or healthy relaxed styles. You might be surprised at how the "others" stare and gawk when they see a black woman proud of her African heritage and roots walking around with her head held high.

- Surround yourself with like minded african american women and positive brothers who love black people. If you live in a mostly white area, go one of the "chocolate cities" (DC, philadelphia, chicago, atlanta) to see how progressive black people there love themselves and each other. Leave the negative black websites alone and visit other positive black websites dedicated to celebrating black female beauty, such as Coco and Creme, Brown Sista, and Hello Beautiful and My Black is Beautiful.

Love Tabby



  1. Steupz On August 9, 2010 at 6:07 PM

    Have you seen the YouTube of Condoleeza Rice and Aretha? It would fit well with your blog.

      Anonymous On April 1, 2011 at 11:08 AM

    Hey we're not black and white anymore--other cultures are horning into 'white culture' and changing it (asians, latins)--many whites are marrying chocolate sisters these days; the WASP culture is in a bad way --rural areas are just as 'ghetto' with tattoos and meth addiction, although the oOW problem isnt as bad there YET

      Anonymous On September 30, 2011 at 2:02 AM

    I don't know where they are living, or the blindfolds that cover their eyes. But here in South Carolina, for black women we have alot of white people that try and make you feel inferior. But stay at a tanning bed. Act like its all about them, but in reality if it is tested or mentioned they'll cry break down like a baby. I like it when one try and make me feel inferior, i reverse it and make them feel like the insecure, need for attention individuals that they are.


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