Omarosa on The Ultimate Merger (comes on Thursdays at 10pm on TVone) is a pleasant surprise. Some call it the black version of the Bachelorette, but I say it's even BETTER because it's more realistically done.

Like many people who have seen the villain-ess Omarosa Manigault in action from the early days of the Apprentice, I judged Ms. Manigault as an angry and unnecessarily mean woman. I admit. But after seeing three episodes of her new TV show "The Ultimate Merger" on TVOne (10pm Thursdays) I am changing my tune a bit.

Yes, the lady is intense. But more and more I'm starting to see her other (very flattering) layers reveal themselves. Here are a few comments about the show so far:

1. For one, Omarosa is a knockout. I mean wow, you can tell this lady has taken great care of her skin, body and hair. She made me want to go get a vat of cocoa butter.

2. Secondly, this show makes it clear that Omarosa is not the one dimensional "B-word" that she's made herself out to be to become famous. In fact, she is a very multi-faceted lady. She is fearless, smart, and caring.

When one of the brothers on the show revealed that he had served time in prison, she didn't roll her eyes at him and draw a line through his name immediately. Instead she held his hands, encouraged him, and gave him a huge sisterly hug. That is what true black women are about, and that is why I love black women dearly.

3. Finally, I am glad that Omarosa made a clear statement by choosing a majority of black men (distinguished types) instead of mixing the cast up like some shows do when a black person is the chooser. I never understood why on shows like the Bachelor, it was fine for one minority to be placed on a cast of majority whites, but on black shows there has to be a fair percentage of non-blacks.

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see ignorant black men on any show, just for the sake of being black, but in this case you can tell that the producers picked well-off, professional, smart, educated black men. Yes, they do exist.  Maybe some brother should create a "classy black man" website lol.

Here is a clip from the show:



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