Chad Ochocinco and VH1 are learning a hard lesson about disrespecting and disregarding the value of putting classy black ladies on TV. 

A few months ago, black football player Chad Ochocinco was exposed for selectively ruling black women out of his show, The Ultimate Catch, on VH1. Wendy Williams interviewed him about it on her show, and he was unapologetic.

Not only did he rule out classy black women from his show (classlessly throwing in a few stereotypical "ghetto girls" at the end for some drama) he also took it to another level by selecting a lot of trashy types to "compete for his heart" instead.

Well, I just happened to check the ratings for this show today and like I predicted, classy seems to be beating trashy.

Chilli's classy show What Chilli Wants regularly exceeded 1.3 million viewed each night on Sunday when it was on the air and achieved a peak viewership of about 1.6 million. Ms. Chilli was promptly asked to return for a 2nd season.

Ochocinco's The Ultimate Catch is struggling for viewers, barely making the TV ratings radar at about 800,000 to 850,000 viewers.

Update: make that 663,000 viewers for the Ochocinco show as of 8/10/10. (Source: TVbytheNumbers)

Even VH1 is wondering what's going on here. The show did ok on the premier episode due to all the controversy, then started to tank.

(Image courtesy i10media)
There are 3 lessons here (in case VH1 is still confused):

1) Viewers like classy shows more than trashy ones (at least when it comes to VH1 reality television shows). Young ladies there's a lesson in this for you -- there's no future or success in trashiness, despite what the media might tell you.

2) Black women make up a significant percentage of reality TV viewers, and we will not subject ourselves to being blatantly disrespected and disregarded in the media without fighting back.

3) Over half a million (500,000 to 800,000) dedicated reality show viewers stood up and effectively boycotted the ignorance of the Chad Ochocinco show instead of allowing themselves to be subjected to Flavor of Love on steroids.

Bravo ladies and gentlemen--and to black women in particular, do you see how powerful boycotting is? Now let's do the same to rappers who disrespect black women in songs and in the media please--starting today.

If you're a reality television fan, tweet VH1 and tell them to put more classy black ladies like Chilli and Pepa on the station!



  1. Steupz On August 9, 2010 at 6:06 PM

    I wonder whether black women don't like trashy television or they don't like being thrashed as Ochocinco appears to have done with his throwaway pics at the end.

    Why did you label them 'ghetto girls' though? Your thoughts, or you believe that was his belief?

      CB Lady On August 9, 2010 at 7:43 PM

    hi steupz. I called them ghetto girls b/c after watching the first ten minutes of the very first episode they were already fighting and acting the part. I promptly turned away. I don't know if they are that way in real life, but they were playing the part. I also definitely think the VH1 show producers added them there to play the stereotypical "angry ghetto black girl" role, which I think is adding insult to injury

    thanks for posting ;)

      Anonymous On August 16, 2010 at 2:43 PM

    lets get the 2012 flavorflav off the tv the girls so do not even like him. they could at least pretend


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