I read an article weeks ago that stated that the Real Housewives of Atlanta ratings on Bravo weren't doing very well. I thought that was strange being that every other source I read said they were doing amazing for a Bravo /cable show.

real housewives of atlanta, rhoa
Real Housewives of Atlanta Cast
Then I read another article that said the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills series had the highest ratings of all the "Housewives" series'.

Then just tonight I came across yet an article on Perez Hilton's website entitled Atlanta Housewives Aren't Bringing It In The Ratings!

The only problem is that all of these articles and blogs were lying! I mean, bold-faced lies.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is the highest rated show out of all the Housewives series. It consistently gets well over 2 million viewers while the other series barely make over 1 million viewers. 

Commentators on the article posted on Perez Hilton article exposed the inconsistency -- the article mentioned ratings for an episode of RHOA that hadn't even aired yet! What is going on here?

In fact, the latest ratings released December 7, 2010 state that the Real Housewives of Atlanta recently broke the 3 million viewers mark (3.22 million viewers to be exact). Don't believe me? See it here at TV By the Numbers.  The Beverly Hills series receives about 1.5 million viewers each week on average.

So I am not going to spend much time speculating on why some online blogs and news outlets have been lying about Real Housewives of Atlanta's ratings -- instead I just wanted to expose this ongoing lie buzzing around certain blogs and clarify that RHOA is doing just fine ratings-wise.

Again, the Real Housewives of Atlanta is and has always been the highest rated out of all the Housewives series on the Bravo channel. The gals on RHOA are extremely entertaining and well-loved -- often imitated but never duplicated.

So please news outlets stop lying on the show, whatever your reasons may be.

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5 specific cases where black rappers have disrespected black women in songs, videos and the media. Boycott rappers. Part 1
I have decided to launch a mini-crusade against rappers. In a previous post I implored black ladies not to financially support rap music by disrespectful male rappers anymore, period, end of story. But I'm not sure if the message is getting out there as it should. I think we are letting too much stuff slide black ladies. What do you think?

Black male rappers have been blatantly disrespecting black women in videos and songs for over two decades now. That is over 20 years of negativity that members of our own race have been propagating throughout the black community. I specifically target black male rappers because they are the only ones who seem to be going out of their way to disrespect black women for some reason.

We wonder why many little black boys are so disrespectful and angry at the world. We also wonder why many little black girls tend to have lower self esteem and get involved with the same boys and men who are disrespecting and hurting them.

So to help promote my anti-rap crusade, I decided to create a list of specific instances where black male rappers have disrespected, insulted or put down black women and girls. This is a running list that will continue as time goes on. These rappers seem perfectly willing to keep giving me ammo, so I will continue to build on this list in future parts. Here goes:

Lil Wayne – Right Above It Song

I had a difficult time choosing just one instance of rapper Lil Wayne, as he has an entire portfolio full of songs where he disrespects or insults black women specifically. We all know about his constant references to wanting a "red bone" and getting jollies from likening kicking B-words and H-words out of his condo like Pam from Martin. 

This is all despite the fact that Lil Wayne has a beautiful dark-skinned black little daughter and ex-wife (Toya) who are two of the most wonderful classy black ladies I've seen on reality television. It's all very ironic.

Now the disrespect to black women from Lil Wayne that I decided to note in this list is very slight and sneaky. You probably haven't even caught it yet. In his song "Right Above It" featuring Drake, this is what this black man with a dark-skinned daughter says:

"How do you say what's never said?

Beautiful black women, I bet that bitch look better red"

Not only did he discount the black skin of the woman in his story and say that she probably would look better "red" (as in light-skinned or red-bone), he went a step further and called her a bitch. If you do not believe me, listen to the lyrics here. The reference comes right around the 3:00 mark.

Can you believe this? Saying that a black woman would look better with light or white skin is a mark of a black male who is truly lost. Does that include your daughter, Lil Wayne? Malcolm X, where are you brother we need you bad.

Rick Ross – Aston Marton Music Song

In the video, Rick Ross take a trip back in time to when he was a kid. The young, dark-skinned black girl is portrayed as "a hater" while the biracial curly-haired girl encourages him. The exchange happens right at the beginning of the video:

Now why would Rick Ross go out of his way to cast a very dark-skinned little black girl in this video to play the one negative role in the piece? Why would he pit dark versus light in this way. Also, as you can see the girl's hair is unkempt, she has one earring and she switches her neck around in an angry fashion – another negative stereotype of black women and girls. It seems as if Rick Ross and his producers went out of their way to cast a black girl for this role. Why not put a hating young boy in that role instead of taking this very blatant shot at darker-skinned young black girls? Throughout the rest of the video the same biracial curly-haired girl (presumably) is enjoying all of the spoils of success with Rick Ross.

You don't think little black girls watch these videos and absorb this negativity about themselves on TV? This is precisely why Black Girls Rock! was needed.

Chris Brown & Friends – Deuces Remix

I heard this song, ironically, when I was driving home from attending the Black Girls Rock awards show back in November and it came on the radio. After hearing one black male rapper after another jump on the track to disrespect and insult women, I had a moment -- where the hell did all this intense woman hate come from, especially from black rappers? Their angry and disrespectful lyrics were full of calling women b-words and telling women that they are "leaving" and chucking up the "deuces." (So does that mean they're going to try other men now, or what?) I would bet real dollars that each and every one of those rappers had one or more dedicated black woman who helped him get by in his life.

I shook my head after being bombarded with beauty, elegance and positive images of black women, then I get into my car and hear a PERFECT example of why more shows and efforts like Black Girls Rock are needed.

You judge for yourself – here is a clip to the song, where black rappers let all their true feelings of hate for women shine through:

Jay Z - Black Woman as a "Double Zero"

Jay Z is yet another rapper who we have countless examples of disrespect of black women and girls. I can distinctly remember "back in the day" when his song "Girls, Girls, Girls" came out and he took the opportunity to attach every negative stereotype he could think of to the black woman in his story. Well I chose another more recent yet more obscure offense instead.

In his video "On to the Next One," which many people associated with satanic images, there is one image in particular that stood out to me. There is a young dark black woman with traditional African corn rows in the video, just standing around looking sad with two zeros on her chest. Subliminal messaging.

Here is the video. You first see her right around the 0:24 mark in the video, but she appears throughout.

Now what does this image mean? Is Jay Z and his producers telling this black woman that she is not only a ZERO, but a double ZERO and he/black men/the world should be "on to the next one." Is he saying she is a zero because she won't move onto the next level of putting weave in her hair, contacts in her eyes and sexing herself up in the way that his wife, Beyonce, has done?

Black women, open your eyes and don't allow subliminal messages like this to seep into your psyche. You are everything.

Slim Thug Insults Black Women

Slim Thug let his true feelings for black women out in an interview with Vibe Magazine earlier this year that got a lot of media attention. I wrote a blog post about him on as well here. In the interview he states:

"Most single Black women feel like they don’t want to settle for less. Their standards are too high right now." (so basically Slim Thug feels that black women should have low self-esteem and standards in life)

"My girl is Black and White. I guess the half White in her is where she still cooks and do all the shit that I say, so we make it" (basically supporting a white supremecist belief that white is better or superior. He does not even realize that he has insulted himself as well as a black person)

Here is the link to the actual interview:

Slim Thug is a disgrace to black people all over the world.


I only posted 5 cases here, but there are countless others and I do plan to post as many of them as possible before I'm done. I think it's high time we start shining the light on these black male rappers and their specific offenses toward black women.

I'm doing my part.

YOUR JOB: Spread this article around to as many black women as you can. Also, if you can name a few instances, please email me them or post them under comments. Like this on Facebook if you support my little anti-rap campaign.


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