So, I just happen to be browsing through my stats and see a slew of requests for "lil wayne disrespects dark skin" search terms. I finally decided to do some web research to see what's prompting this trend, and lo and behold I find this story:

Apparently, a dark skinned model got a first hand account of Lil Wayne's self hatred and outward hatred toward dark skinned black women. Here's her story in case you haven't read it yourself yet:

We met up with Mack Maine from Young Money, he then took us to a hotel a couple of other girls were there and so was Lil Wayne, Guda Guda, Lil Chuckee, and Birdman. When we entered the room Guda was like “Damn, y’all pretty, to be dark skin.” And then Wayne quoted a verse from his song ["Right Above"]. I heard the song before and I was offended when I heard the lyrics, but I brushed my feelings off and forgot about what the gremlin said. But him saying it over again made me angry as hell. So me being the outspoken person that I am, I said, “Wayne, your daughter is dark skin so why would you say such ignorance?” He said ‘My daughter is a dark skinned millionaire, that’s the difference between her and you.”
I can tell he was very upset because i bought his daughter up but that is no excuse for what he said. Next he stated, “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child I’m having. The rest of my baby moms [are] light skinned chicks. I even got an Asian baby moms to make sure I have a daughter with good hair. Too bad we had a son.”
Everybody started laughing and [we] stormed out of the room. Some guys followed us saying “Not everybody hate dark skinned girls. Young Money just allergic to Chocolate.”

I'm not surprised at this story at all, and I believe it 100% due to his past lyrics, including the "bet that B look better red" lyric that he expressed in his song "Right Above It." This is why I've been spreading the message to black women to stop supporting disrespectful rap and black rappers who disrespect their own once and for all.

It seems that black women are finally starting to wake up after this latest bit of news. Please pass the logo below around to all of your social networking friends. 

Boycott Rap



  1. CB Lady On December 31, 2011 at 2:52 AM

    This post is from APGifts (could not post all of those links, but these two did stick out to me, very interesting):

    Thanks to the racist-'One-Drop Rule' --
    the 'Mixed-Race Face' ("light skin") came
    to symbolize the look of "the new Negro".
    (Jet magazine / January 31, 1952)
    (Jet magazine / December 17, 1953)

    Thank you for your contribution.


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