UPDATE: I just received word that the racist NYC abortion billboard ad is coming down! A sincere THANK YOU to the vocal black leaders in NYC who fought on behalf of black women during black history month.

Classy black ladies, yet again I am shaking my head at the attack on black womanhood that seems persistent.

In the wake of the racist Pepsi commercial (which Pepsi still has not offered any type of apology for, which goes to show you how much Pepsi values and respects your $600 billion buying power) now we are dealing with an anti-abortion group called Life Always that has posted a very mean-spirited and racist ad targeting a black woman's womb as the most dangerous place for a child.

It is very disgusting, and ironic that two of the people who have done this are two black pastors, Stephen Broden and Derek McCoy who teamed up with two whites to vilify black women as a whole. So-called men of the cloth who have chosen to go for "shock value" to rile people up and make them angry rather than put the thousands they paid for the billboard into programs that help young teen mothers birth and raise their children.

Even they say that they were wrong to do it: ""We do think we've gone too far, and we do think it's over the edge," McCoy said to AM New York.

What's the point of the billboard? Do these Life Always "people" think that by insulting black women they'll shame them into not getting an abortion?

Not to mention how this relieves other races of the stigma of abortion, as usual. The statistics show that the majority of abortions are performed on white females (about 60% of them).

I have contacted a few parties who have been vocal about this billboard (including Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Councilman Charles Barron) to see if we can organize some type of protest or letter writing campaign to have this billboard taken down by Lamar Advertising. 

We should also delve deeper into the backgrounds of these people who head up Life Always. Strangely, it's almost impossible to find a phone number or email address for them.

The racist billboard is scheduled to remain up in SOHO NYC for three weeks. Please start buzzing this through your social networks. Here are suggestions for how you can protest this ad:

Contact Bill de Blasio (NYC Public Advocate) to show your support, thank him for being vocal and ask how you can help:

Contact City Councilman Charles Barron to show your support, thank him for being vocal and ask how you can help:

Contact Lamar Advertising (the company that agreed to post this billboard) to express your displeasure:

Contact the Life Always organization to express your displeasure at their lowbrow, racist ad:
Email: media@lifealways.com

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A commenter on my blog brought to my attention the fact that Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee, a congresswoman from Texas, recently spoke out against the racist and stereotypical Pepsi commercial that aired on Superbowl Sunday 2011. Here is the video:

I viewed the footage of Rep. Lee and I must say, WOW. This woman is so brave that it made me beam with a renewed pride. She went before a crowd of white, non-black and male faces to speak up on a very specific issue that concerns many black women in her district and beyond. She did so very eloquently and succinctly - straight to the point. 

Her speech kind of reminded me of the civil rights leaders of 30 to 50 years ago. They didn't have any problem speaking their mind in public even if many people would disagree.

While I'm certain a number of people will try to insult Rep. Lee for speaking her mind on a very real issue that concerns black women (unfair and biased negative media portrayals), she is a shero in my mind for doing this.

As I stated earlier, the uproar is not about this Pepsi commercial alone. This commercial is a tipping point after literally years of media biases and stories that paint black women as a whole in a very negative light.

If you're still confused about why people are upset, think of it like this: if you pull a tension band further and further back over an extended period of time, eventually that band is either going to SNAP or go sailing into the sky!

Well I firmly believe that after this latest offense from Pepsi, black women are going to go soaring toward justice on a number of matters. Black women empowerment and positive messages about black women. 

That's what this website is all about after all- it is by, for and about classy black women making strides in this and other countries.

Thank you again to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Regardless of what folks say about you after speaking out for us on the House floor regarding this Pepsi commercial, we love you, respect you and appreciate you for saying what many black women are thinking in such a public way.

Don't forget to sign the petition (Boycott Pepsi - Racist Superbowl Commercial Stereotypes Black Women) if you haven't done so already.

Petitions by Change.org|Start a Petition »

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Classy black ladies, do you remember when I wrote that we must hold the media and commercial companies accountable for the negative stereotypes they promote about black women? Well the Pepsi commercial that aired during the Superbowl this evening is a perfect example of what I mean.

Have you seen this racist Pepsi commercial that negatively stereotypes black women as angry and violent? In it a black woman bullies her black husband for eating bad things and at the end throws a can of Pepsi at a white woman he smiles at. Think I'm kidding? View the video here (you may have to click to see it on Youtube):

View the Racist Superbowl Commercial that Negatively Stereotypes Black Women Here on Youtube

This video was a part of a Pepsi contest and guess what? It won and was displayed for millions to view! From what I've heard (not entirely sure) it was created by a white man. Now do you think the people that this producer chose for these roles was purely coincidental OR did he make that choice to play on the negative stereotypes of the angry black woman that the media puts out day in and out?

So again black ladies, I implore you to step up and say something. It is unacceptable for the media to continue to perpetuate these negative stereotypes of black women. You must DO something.

Easy 1-2-3 plan of action black ladies:

1) Boycott Pepsi. Drink another soda if you must drink soda at all. Pepsi also owns a number of other brands, like Gatorade, SoBe, Lipton, Ocean Spray, Sierra Mist and Mountain Dew. See all Pepsi brands here.

2) Contact Pepsi right now. Let them know you don't appreciate them using black women as target practice. Send them an email at one or all of the addresses below:

Media Relations:

Consumer Response Team:

Send a letter:
Tricia Lynch
700 Anderson Hill Road
Purchase, NY 10577

3) Sign the petition to boycott Pepsi products and support an ANTI-anti-black women efforts. Pass this petition around to all of your Facebook and Twitter friends.

TAKE ACTION ladies. Do not allow the media to continue to get away with disrespecting the image of black women.

Our ancestors, the Harriet Tubmans and Rosa Parks of the past, would fight back, as they did to get us the rights that we enjoy today. Continue that tradition!

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