UPDATE: I just received word that the racist NYC abortion billboard ad is coming down! A sincere THANK YOU to the vocal black leaders in NYC who fought on behalf of black women during black history month.

Classy black ladies, yet again I am shaking my head at the attack on black womanhood that seems persistent.

In the wake of the racist Pepsi commercial (which Pepsi still has not offered any type of apology for, which goes to show you how much Pepsi values and respects your $600 billion buying power) now we are dealing with an anti-abortion group called Life Always that has posted a very mean-spirited and racist ad targeting a black woman's womb as the most dangerous place for a child.

It is very disgusting, and ironic that two of the people who have done this are two black pastors, Stephen Broden and Derek McCoy who teamed up with two whites to vilify black women as a whole. So-called men of the cloth who have chosen to go for "shock value" to rile people up and make them angry rather than put the thousands they paid for the billboard into programs that help young teen mothers birth and raise their children.

Even they say that they were wrong to do it: ""We do think we've gone too far, and we do think it's over the edge," McCoy said to AM New York.

What's the point of the billboard? Do these Life Always "people" think that by insulting black women they'll shame them into not getting an abortion?

Not to mention how this relieves other races of the stigma of abortion, as usual. The statistics show that the majority of abortions are performed on white females (about 60% of them).

I have contacted a few parties who have been vocal about this billboard (including Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and City Councilman Charles Barron) to see if we can organize some type of protest or letter writing campaign to have this billboard taken down by Lamar Advertising. 

We should also delve deeper into the backgrounds of these people who head up Life Always. Strangely, it's almost impossible to find a phone number or email address for them.

The racist billboard is scheduled to remain up in SOHO NYC for three weeks. Please start buzzing this through your social networks. Here are suggestions for how you can protest this ad:

Contact Bill de Blasio (NYC Public Advocate) to show your support, thank him for being vocal and ask how you can help:

Contact City Councilman Charles Barron to show your support, thank him for being vocal and ask how you can help:

Contact Lamar Advertising (the company that agreed to post this billboard) to express your displeasure:

Contact the Life Always organization to express your displeasure at their lowbrow, racist ad:
Email: media@lifealways.com



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