I don't normally blog twice on the same issue, but I felt it necessary in this case. I discovered new information that I feel is worth blogging on again regarding the racist Psychology Today article that was published about a week ago. It was scathingly insulting to all black women all over the world.

I was browsing through a few articles about Satoshi Kanazawa, the nitwit "scientist" who wrote the article, which labeled black women as "objectively unattractive." Kanazawa then went into hiding, apparently happy with himself for pulling off a major pot shot at black women in a well-read online magazine, and was unwilling or unable to come to the media to defend his "study."  

Well I recently came across an article by a more reputable source, Angus Johnston a historian and blogger at StudentActivism.net. 

Mr. Johnston thoroughly studied the information that Satoshi Kanazawa used to form the basis of his study. He found that the data Kanazawa used to write his article actually says that adult black women were rated just as attractive as other women.

Yes, according to Johnston's analysis, there were absolutely no differences in opinion about the looks of adult black women in the study Kanazawa used for his article in Psychology Today. Kanazawa conveniently left out a key set of data to make it seem as if black women were rated low on the charts.

Now don't get me wrong. I find the whole idea of rating people for physical attractiveness a silly matter. Beauty is highly subjective. What one person in the Sudan finds attractive is going to greatly differ from what a person in Switzerland or a white neighborhood in the U.S. finds attractive.

But why would Satoshi Kanazawa flat out lie about the results for black women in this manner for the purpose of his study? And how could Psychology Today publish his findings without vetting the information first?

Did they think this would just blow over and no one would notice?

There is clearly a major racial bias at work here. Something very nefarious at play. 

Satoshi Kanazawa should not be allowed to teach at any major university that wants to keep its reputation in tact. I say that if the London School of Economics continues to employ this person as a serious staff member, it reduces its status as a serious university. That would be a major slap in the face to all of its 120,000 students (not to mention Alumni).

Here is the article by Angus Johnston explaining how Satoshi Kanazawa lied.

A sincere thank you goes out to Angus Johnston for digging deeper.

And by the way, please don't forget to sign the Change petition regarding this issue, which is now at 21,000 signatures and growing.



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