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Hollywood turned its back on Red Tails, the new movie that tells the story of the Tuskegee airmen. Please give racist Hollywood execs the SLAP they sorely need by going out to support the film.

Red Tails movie officially hit theaters yesterday. This movie has an all-black cast (at least the major roles) -- a rarity in hollywood for an action film. It tells the story of the heroic black Tuskegee Airmen. These men bravely went where other pilots would not and helped American win World World 2.

George Lucas, the movie’s producer, had to fund this film out of his own pocket to the tune of $60 million. All because as he confirmed recently, Hollywood investors turned him down time and again. They basically told him that they don’t know what to do with an all black cast.

Now doesn’t that just burn your biscuits?

The Tuskegee Airmen
Hollywood execs will invest in the umpteenth movie about a bland white woman who meets a bland white man and lives happily ever after, but won’t fund a film that documents a key historical moment.

Not to mention, Americans could use a patriotic movie these days – not another Disney animated flick. Don’t ya think?

Ironically, Hollywood execs have been wondering why they’re sufferiing pitiful box office figures lately. They’ve tried to blame this on the theft of movies (bootlegs, etc).

No Hollywood, don’t blame it on piracy, blame it on the stupid meaningless trite movies you make year in and out! Give people something that they actually want to see and they just might pull money out of their wallets.

Now when I ask that black people go out to support this movie, I don’t just mean black ladies. Too often it is black women who go out and support important black films like this one with their movie dollars. Black men please also step up and support this movie as well. Bring your kids. Don’t download it – go to the theater or purchase it on your cable television (if available).

With the support of the black community we can help make this film a blockbuster and prove all of those Hollywood racists wrong. An all black cast in a movie is a box office draw and we need to see more positive black faces on the silver screen. 

How much do you want to bet that if this movie is a success Hollywood will come out and try to claim some credit or dispute Lucas' claims of the constant snubs he received?

Go see Red Tails and slap Hollywood racism down to the ground where it belongs. The world is ready and waiting for more films that aren’t whitewashed or continually showing American blacks in a stereotypical light.

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By buying into the “white is right” mentality, some blacks are playing the role of white supremacists.

So Beyonce is back in the news with another accusation of skin lightening for her upcoming album cover.

Now I don’t know if she has bleached her skin Michael Jackson or Sammy Sosa style, used extra-light foundation or it’s just the lighting of the photo shoot, but regardless of the process that was used she looks like a blonde-haired white woman.

The problem I see with this is that when black women condone this type of thing they misrepresent black women as a whole. By lightening your skin or attempting to look more white you’re giving a big slap to people of African descent.

Now I’ve read people justify skin lightening with the comment that white people tan their skin, so what’s so wrong with it?

Well the same way that blacks are slapping their ancestors by attempting to look more white, whites are doing the same to their people by trying to look more black. It’s not okay either way. It's trying to be something that you're not.

Some Blacks are White Supremacists

I think it’s sad and disgusting when blacks sell out to the idea of “white is right.” And it permeates throughout the psyches of our young people.

I had the displeasure of reading a sampling from a light skin, dark skin war on Twitter. One of the top tweets was a disparaging remark about dark-skinned girls.

Team dark skinned and team light skinned? Really, young people?

Listen, you’re team BLACK and your parents should be telling you that. Whites have been trying for centuries to keep black people divided, and you’re just helping them out! You should just go ahead and join the Klan because you’re acting just like a white supremacist when you put down dark-skinned people.

The original man and woman were a pair of dark-skinned black people in sub-saharan Africa. All colors and variations of people came from them. Educate yourself, watch The Human Family Tree on Netflix.

Brown and Dark-Skinned Black Girls, You’re Beautiful

Melanin is a blessing --
the more the better!
Before I get too wound up here, let me get to the main reason why I wrote this post. It was not to lambast Beyonce or any other celebrity who has chosen to take on more Eurocentric features in order to be accepted by mainstream America. That’s their choice and one of the main reasons why I just can’t support many mainstream artists. They’re sold to the highest bidder.

I wrote this post to specifically tell brown and dark skinned girls everywhere that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different! You do not have to look white in order to be a gorgeous human being.

You were blessed with extra melanin in your skin which will increase the chances that you’ll still look 25 when you’re 45 without plastic surgery (think Cynthia Bailey and Iman). Thank God for that!

I know it’s hard, but do your best to ignore the mainstream media. Media outlets have been brainwashing the masses with messages that make them insecure about their beauty for decades (and they will pay for it).

Put down those magazines with whites and white-washed blacks splashed across the cover and pick up a book that will enrich your mind and give you ammo when you’re faced with a hater —

Selected Writings and Speeches of Marcus Garvey, who was very authentically pro-black.

Parents if you’re reading this and you have a child who may be struggling with skin color issues, PLEASE get her something that will empower her with information and give her more confidence going forward.

Let your lovely light shine young beautiful black girls. I love you!

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