Whitney Elizabeth Houston, August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012.

I felt strongly compelled to write a blog post after hearing that one of my favorite childhood celebrity role models, Whitney Houston, had passed.

Yes, role model. I said it. I admit it. I wanted to be like the younger Ms. Houston. She was an elegant, beautiful and talented black woman who I absolutely adored. After I first listened to her sing the Greatest Love of All, I was hooked.

I still remember taking a deep breath in preparation for holding out that last note:

“Find your strength in love………………………..”

Her voice gave me chills down my spine and goosebumps up my arms. To this day I still can’t put anyone above Whitney Houston in the vocal category.

I followed all of her videos. That was “back in the day” when Twitter and YouTube didn’t exist. We watched videos on television, MTV and weekend or late night video shows. She also performed the national anthem (The Star Spangled Banner) at Super Bowl 1991, which blew everyone away. See it here:

Though Whitney had her challenges later in life, she was an inspiration to many young girls like me when she first hit the scene. She was a wholesome yet fun lady to watch whether performing on stage or in a movie. (Do you remember The Preacher's Wife?) I would go so far to say that I followed Ms. Houston so much that she played a role in my becoming the classy black woman that I am today.  

When I think about what young girls of today have available to look up to as far as musicians and entertainers in the mainstream media, I am very very thankful for Whitney. And anyone who says that the way musicians, actors, public figures and other entertainers carry themselves don’t affect how some kids turn out just doesn’t want to hear the truth.

I won’t say much else here. Just that I love you and thank you Ms. Whitney Houston.

Check out some of my favorite Whitney videos:



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