After peeking into the trash can among the dregs of the hip hop culture yesterday, I feel the need to dust off my shoulders and cleanse myself with some positive news in black lady land.

Keke Palmer. You know her, that cute, bubbly young motivated sister who managed to become one of the first young black girls to get her own show on Nickelodeon, True Jackson. She was also honored at last year’s Black Girls Rock awards.

Keke Palmer
Well I feel a post about this sweet young classy black lady is well overdue.

Keke was recently twittering about some very serious matters that are affecting teens nationwide, namely suicide.

In the past couple of months alone, there have been multiple teen suicides due to bullying. Young ignorant kids who are angry and miserable themselves have taken to cyber-bullying youngster who they, for some reason, think are “lesser” than them.

A young girl named Ashley Duncan, 17, was the latest case of a teen who was incessantly bullied and decided that the best way out of her misery was to just shoot herself dead.

Keke opened up and tweeted about how drug use can cause teens to make these very poor decisions. Ashley was reportedly using ecstasy at the time of her death. Ms. Palmer highlighted that drugs like ecstasy have been linked to depression.

Keke also talked about her own struggles with self-esteem in the past:

I think I'm BEAUTIFUL! I didn't start feeling that way completely until I liked the person on the INSIDE, and that's real.      

What’s really beautiful is that a girl at her young age would get that. Some women in their 30s and 40s don’t fully like the person that’s on the inside yet. It took me until my late twenties to finally start truly loving who I am as an individual. Now, seriously, anyone who doesn’t like me or who I am or what I have to say can go kick rocks as far as I’m concerned.

But teenagers aren’t as fortunate to have that type of confidence. This is another reason why I started This is why I work to encourage and uplift young girls.

So there we have it folks: a lovely black female role model for young girls of all races. She understands the importance of advising and empowering those who are troubled instead of adding to the problems of our society.

Thank you so much Ms. Palmer, keep doing what you’re doing.

Check Out Keke’s video The One You Call



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