You Say You're Not Black... Who Said You Were?

While browsing around in the blogosphere recently, I came across an article by a Dominican woman who felt the need to proclaim that she was not black. She identifies as Latina/Asian and that is that.

My question to her, and others who think like her, is this… who’s to say the black American community would accept you in the first place?

There seems to be this idea in the minds of some non-blacks that black people are desperate to “claim” people who are not explicitly or clearly black. Such as Latinos and those mixed with many different races. Not so.

A few confused black people, maybe. But the majority of us, nope.

Being black is an experience. It's a constant struggle. It comes with many ups and downs. We suffer many injustices, but yet we still keep our humor. We are so innovative and dynamic to the point where young kids across the world in Japan strive to look black and emulate black culture

When blacks do get television shows and media attention, we dominate the airwaves and magazines. When we do decide to come together and fight for something, whoa.... watch out.

Our ancestors not only survived the slave trade but many of them also went out there and fought for our civil rights. Many non-black minorities came in after most of the struggle was over.  They benefited from the freedoms that blacks (and some progressive whites) fought for. Many other minority groups came into this country after all was said and done.

We’re the originators of many things in this country, and have helped America become what it is today. In fact, if not for African-Americans who slaved and fought for this country, I doubt the U.S. would have been strong or monied enough to win the many wars it did on its way to its current status as a world power.

So why again do people like this woman believe that regal black Americans would want to somehow “adopt” her into this royal heritage based on her skin tone alone? 

Being black in America is something that you earn, not something that you’re granted. You don’t just skate on in because you have browned skin.

Bottomline to those who vehemently want to separate themselves from black culture: no, you’re not black. Proud black folks know the deal. Please carry on with your lives, whatever you identify with.



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