This short post is dedicated to Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham.

In my ideal black America...

Visionary brothers like Malcolm X and Tupac Shakur would have survived to this day and the black community would be stronger for it.

Blacks would feel like THEY MADE IT not when they live around non-blacks, but when they live around other conscious, progressive black people.


Young black girls would be treated like the delightful little treasures they are.

Black women would tell "beauty" companies that only celebrate black women who have white-like attributes exactly where they can shove their powdered foundation and lipstick.

We wouldn’t tolerate our young girls listening to lyrics where they’re inadvertently calling themselves “nappy-headed hos.” We'd teach them that their naturally kinky/curly hair is gorgeous.

Dark-skinned rappers would celebrate their very own skin tone in their music. And female rappers would say "I'm Margaret 'Shug' Avery" or "I'm Josephine Baker" instead of Marilyn Monroe. 

Rap legends would stand up, stamp out the garbage rap of today and use their platform to fuel a positive movement among young people.

Little black boys could proudly walk down the street with their heads held high like kings to be, unafraid of being persecuted because of how they look.

In my ideal black America the tragic deaths of Trayvon Martin and Ramarley Graham would spark a brand new black civil rights movement in the United States.

Demand respect. Fight for your rights. If you don’t, who will

If you don't stand for something you will fall for anything. - Malcolm X



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