Michelle Obama chooses bootylicious Beyonce as the person she would want to be. Wow!

When I read recently that when asked by People magazine if she could be anyone else in the world, who would it be, Mrs. Obama replied “Gosh. If I had some gift, I'd be Beyoncé,” My mouth flew open in disbelief. It took me a night of sleep to really process this information and my final reaction the next day was this: a flash of rage and confusion, followed by acceptance.

Where did the initial rage and confusion come from… well with one seemingly harmless comment, Michelle Obama has reduced herself closer to the level of a common Beyonce groupie!

And in my opinion, with one seemingly harmless comment, Michelle Obama has set back many years of work by black woman empowerment bloggers, womanists and feministas. As Keli Goff put it in her recent Huffington Post article,

With her ill-chosen remarks Michelle Obama helped affirm one of the most enduring and troublesome stereotypes that every single teacher in a low income, predominantly minority community must battle against every time he or she sets foot in a classroom: The stereotype that the greatest aspiration these children should hold is to be an entertainer, an athlete or rapper (or perhaps an entertainer who marries a rapper.)

Now Mrs. Obama’s face is being plastered all over hip hop sites! One I saw recently showed a naked woman holding her breasts with her legs cocked open mere inches from Mrs. Obama’s face.

Do Not Commit to Anyone
I started this blog using Michelle Obama as one of my inspirations. She still is an inspiration in many ways, but I have to question her mentality after making that type of statement. Does she really KNOW KNOW Beyonce as far as her contributions to the world besides booty shaking the best or singing?

Does she remember the time Beyonce performed for Gaddafi’s son (you know the same guy her husband the President went after for slaughtering and abusing his citizens), the same son who was accused of beating his wife? It’s all about “getting that money” after all as Beyonce's husband Jay Z likes to rap about. 

Does Mrs. Obama want to go back in time and barely receive her high school diploma, instead of getting two Ivy league degrees? Does she care that thousands of young girls who grew up idolizing Beyonce are likely on the stripper pole, groupies or just generally disrespecting themselves for the sake and attention of men instead of pursuing businesses or higher education?

Or did Mrs. Obama simply make that statement because she’s happy that Beyonce has been praising her publicly and invited her to a concert? Ugh.

I have been studying the 48 Laws of Power recently and there is one law of power that says “Do not commit to anyone.” The idea is that when you align yourself with one person’s camp too readily, you lose power — you’ll lose the support of other camps and could put yourself in a vulnerable place.

I feel that M.O. violated that law. I also now feel that I violated it myself in a way.

A Better Answer?
The question was if you could be ANY one else in the world, who would it be. Here is what I’d personally answer:

“No one else, I’m very happy in my own skin! But you know what I do admire a few people for their hard work and tenacity....”

I respect Beyonce’s business sense. But I don’t want my daughter, if I were to have one, to look up to the bootylicious Beyonce. I wanted her to aspire to be like YOU Mrs. Obama — a smart, literate, knowledge-seeking, graceful beautiful lady who can mix it up in any crowd and make money without having to be half-dressed.

We looked up to YOU Mrs. Obama, not the likes of Beyonce, Rihanna or other one-dimensional entertainers who are all about money and fame. Now to learn that you in turn aspire to be like Beyonce is... wow, no words! That type of mindset (celeb worship) doesn’t vibe with mine and I can’t subscribe. I know, that's a deep statement to make, but it’s the truth.

But maybe this is a good thing because it humanizes Michelle Obama more — she is just another person with flaws and vulnerabilities, not “saintly” by any stretch of the imagination. Nobody’s perfect and no person should ever be put on a pedestal above others. 

Acceptance complete. The BWE beat goes on!

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