Azealia Banks has found success in the music industry by being herself--a black woman who is happy in her own skin. Note to black rappers everywhere.

Azealia Banks is about to be a major mainstream star. It is partially due to her amazing talent and partially because she is very smart and has marketing savvy.

She knows her target audience.

You can say what you want about Azealia Banks—some like to call her potty-mouthed and a brat who can’t shut up. But really she is a smart, confident and opinionated young woman. She is smart enough to know her audience and appeal to the people who are most likely to support her music with an actual purchase: black women and white males. Her songs come off as her basically making a stand and saying she’s an independent black woman who doesn't care what anyone thinks about her (OR her weave).

And unlike other black female rappers, she also doesn’t have a problem blatantly rapping about white boys in her music (see the song Liquorice). And they love it.

Surprisingly she has even been capturing the white girl market. Not a day goes by on Twitter when you don’t see a young white girl stating how much she loves and wants to get it on with Ms. Banks.

I find it outstandingly ironic that Azealia Banks is capturing the white kid audience by being herself (a beautiful dark-skinned black woman) while many black male rappers have been trying for so long to capture this same market by either trying to be white (ala one blond and pink wig wearing "barbie" from the "hood"), praising whites in their music (white girl this and that) or exclusively appealing to white ideals. 

This 21 year old black girl went in guns a blazing and fearlessly grabbed that white audience along with the very lucrative, little appreciated black woman audience without much effort in just a couple of years.

Also take the new white rapper Iggy Azalea. The rapper T.I. invested a whole lot of energy into making this girl a hit, but I am willing to bet he’s starting to realize that she doesn’t really have a BUYING audience—just a little popularity for the "novelty." Black women and white men are a large segment of the music-buying populace and I don’t see either throwing down dollars to see a white girl who is clearly trying to be “down.”

Regardless of any personal opinions I might have of some of Ms. Banks’ lyrics and referring to herself as a “witch” (just can’t co-sign that type of stuff) I must applaud her fearlessness and refusal to come into the music industry trying to “fit in” as something she is not. Congratulations on having success by just being and celebrating who you are.

Submitted by Sammi Jace



  1. Anonymous On September 13, 2012 at 12:01 AM

    I wanted to ask a question about your post. Where is she "begging white men for attention?"

      Anonymous On March 25, 2013 at 6:12 AM

    Yes I want to know that as well. You're not begging for attention just because you happen to like white men. If anything too many black women are begging for attention from black men who don't want us.

      CB Lady On March 26, 2013 at 9:39 AM

    I believe the song referenced here is Liquorice where in the lyrics Azealia is clearly asking white guys if they're into black women. No it is not begging for attention to LIKE men outside of your race, but I believe a lot of the problems young women are having today with dating are related to being too eager for the attention of men of ANY race. Either a man likes you or he doesn't, relax and focus on a more important goal like developing a solid career and pursuing a dream that will make you a wealthy woman one day. Boys are fleeting, success is more permanent. Thank you for your posts ladies.


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