Though I very much prefer to write positive articles on this blog, a story popped up today that got my blood to boiling.

A 24-year old woman was raped and beaten in Philadelphia on Aug. 29th. The monster taunted her saying that he had just given her a sexually transmitted disease. See the full story here.

This monster is still on the streets as of this posting (9/12/2012).

Too often these assault cases get swept under the rug -- especially when it involves a woman of color. And apparently this may have happened to several other women by the same monster but they didn't come forward to the police.

Who can really imagine how this woman feels, after being brutalized and violated for hours, both physically and emotionally, with no one coming to her assistance?

Well we can come to her assistance NOW.

Can I get you to stand behind this Philadelphia woman, who was brutally victimized? The monster was caught on video surveillance camera, he should be behind bars right now. If you have ANY information that could help the detectives in charge of investigating this crime please contact the Philadelphia Police department's Special Victims Unit.

Please send any and all tips/info to:

Detective Mike McGoldrick or Captain John Darby

Special Victims Unit at 215 685 3247/3252/3253/3263

Spread the word. There is a reported $10,000 reward for the capture of this monster. Let justice be served for this young woman. Let her know that she's not alone in this fight. 


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Many young black girls 15 to 25 have little to no respect for older black men. Can we really blame them?

Guest Post by Sammi Jace
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A short while ago female rap newcomer Azealia Banks dissed Jim Jones publicly in an impromptu song in retaliation for him calling her a “slore” and a number of other disrespectful names.

Jim Jones couldn’t do anything but sit back and pretend that she didn’t hit him where it hurts. If he had tried to release a comeback song not only would he be looked at as a bully for “beefing” with a 21-year-old young woman he would have also probably lost a rap battle to a 21-year-old young woman. Azealia is a raw talent—she would have probably slaughtered him lyrically.

Then Funkmaster Flex, who has been continually accused of attacking female artists while giving male artists a pass, attacked Azealia Banks on the radio in defense of Jim Jones and she ripped him a new one as well.

The first thing that came to my mind was the lyric "Now they’re grown and they're sh***ng on you." Whoever said that—it escapes me at the moment—was telling the truth.

Many black young women of today ages 15 to 25 grew up not knowing many or even any positive images of black men. All they see are ignorant rappers and other black male entertainers who don’t show women their proper respect.

Deep down I believe they resent their absent fathers and other men who they feel have never been there in their time of need. So when a black male like Jim Jones or Funkmaster Flex pops up displaying all of the negative attributes that these young black women have become accustomed to seeing from black men in their communities, respect is no longer a factor. If you disrespect them, these young black girls, especially the ones who have a platform, are going to come at your head, no matter your age, position or station in life.

I think the women who grew up in my era, the 28 and above cluster, still had a few positive black man role models, whether they were fathers, uncles, brothers or entertainers. This new generation, not so much.

Many young black women who grew up in the aftermath of the crack era, most of whom had absent fathers are very angry. They know nothing but contempt for black males, especially the ones who are older than them. They have no real respect for these men, but can we really blame them?

Black girls tend to be extremely intelligent and street savvy. They catch onto trends, hard lessons and the realities of life very quickly. Some were molested as children. Others were victims of physical or mental abuse. They have never had a loving black man in their lives so they don’t know how to love or receive love from black men. Their very essence as black little girls is attacked from every angle in the media and who comes to their rescue? Save for a few black women who are vocal in the community no one really.

So can anyone be surprised if they come of age and start to make a hobby out of disrespecting and disregarding black men as unimportant?

I predict that this reality will become more pronounced as the years go on unless more strong positive black male voices (yes we know you're out there) start to make their presence known in the community and show support to black women and girls instead of staying church-mouse-quiet when their younger sisters are attacked or threatened.

Until then expect many more Azealia Banks' on the horizon.

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