Though I very much prefer to write positive articles on this blog, a story popped up today that got my blood to boiling.

A 24-year old woman was raped and beaten in Philadelphia on Aug. 29th. The monster taunted her saying that he had just given her a sexually transmitted disease. See the full story here.

This monster is still on the streets as of this posting (9/12/2012).

Too often these assault cases get swept under the rug -- especially when it involves a woman of color. And apparently this may have happened to several other women by the same monster but they didn't come forward to the police.

Who can really imagine how this woman feels, after being brutalized and violated for hours, both physically and emotionally, with no one coming to her assistance?

Well we can come to her assistance NOW.

Can I get you to stand behind this Philadelphia woman, who was brutally victimized? The monster was caught on video surveillance camera, he should be behind bars right now. If you have ANY information that could help the detectives in charge of investigating this crime please contact the Philadelphia Police department's Special Victims Unit.

Please send any and all tips/info to:

Detective Mike McGoldrick or Captain John Darby

Special Victims Unit at 215 685 3247/3252/3253/3263

Spread the word. There is a reported $10,000 reward for the capture of this monster. Let justice be served for this young woman. Let her know that she's not alone in this fight. 




  1. Patricia Kayden On October 10, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    Sigh. Reading your account of what this poor woman went through is enough. I cannot click on the link to read the entire story. Hope they catch the monster who did this to her and other women.


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