Black women empowerment sites provide support and information that black women and girls can use to become more educated, business-minded and empowered.

A couple of years ago I started my list of black women empowerment blogs, but felt that there was a need for a collection of black women empowerment websites that either 1) have a specific goal/purpose/mission to help sisters or 2) provide much needed information for black women and girls. This list is small but will continue to grow.

Feel free to add more to the comments area and spread it to your sisters (see the "Share" button below):

Black Women for Girls Giving Circle (a site that seeks to create a circle of giving and sharing information between black women and girls -- special programs based in NYC)

Black Women of Influence (networking site for black women in high places)

Black Girls Rock! (the charitable organization that grew into a popular BET Awards show and movement on Twitter -- providing mentoring resources for young black girls)

Black Girls Run! (encouraging sisters to be active and healthy -- "Preserve the Sexy")

Black Womens' Blueprint ("reclaiming ourselves," organizing and becoming empowered - 'nuff said)

Black Women Organized for Political Action (a membership of women who aim to "educate, train, and involve as many African American women as possible in the political process"

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