Black women, it's time we fully claim our VICTORY.

As I learn and grow, I'm taking this blog in another direction. I want it to be more focused on empowering ourselves and less about the negative nonsense going on in the news.

The original purpose of my blog was to challenge all of the black woman hate in news cycles and social media that started right after President and First Lady Obama took office in 2008. and a number of other black woman empowerment blogs took our positions and boldly challenged all of the negative media messages that were being spread about black women. It was a battle of my choosing and I'm glad that I took it on -- something needed to be said.

And guess what, as I predicted we were victorious in that fight. The negative voices out there that were maligning black women thought they could break us, but we only got stronger, deeper, smarter and even more resilient. Now the truth is out -- black women are not the ignorant, unhealthy, unloveable, unattractive, self-hating, undateable asexual beings the negative media would have liked the world to believe.

On the contrary, we're highly educated (record numbers attending college), we're ultra date able and marriageable (IF that's what we choose to do) to all groups of men, our girls rock, countless sisters wear their hair natural and proud thanks to the natural hair revolution, we're heroes (hello Antoinette Tuff) and we love ourselves to pieces no matter what anyone else thinks. Black women are awesome.

Life As a Victor, Not a Victim
Now I think it is time for us to start living and acting like the victorious women we are and to toss aside the victim mentality that holds so many people back from achieving true greatness in life.

Black woman: you are not a victim; you are victorious. Let that sink in. Let it permeate your being and become your whole and complete truth. Live it.

That means you can walk down the street boldly and fiercely, unmoved by what other people may think or say. That means you can pursue your dream, no matter what that is, knowing that you are destined for success no matter what the bank or a hater tells you. That means that you can reach for the stars in every area of your life, no longer plagued with limiting beliefs.

You are limitless and no one defines you BUT you. Claim your success. You are NOT a victim; you are VICTORIOUS.

The Classy Black Lady



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