This post is for Karyn Washington of 

I'm writing this post as an online memorial to Karyn Washington of . I learned through Twitter that she is no longer with us.

Karyn was a 22-year-old leader in the black women empowerment movement. At a time when her young peers are mostly concerned with self and celeb worship, she singularly decided to create a popular site to encourage others. Her message was directed to brown and darker skinned black women, telling them that they too are beautiful and worthy.

While I don't know much about Karyn as a person, I do know that she was a motivated individual who was featured on many different websites for her positive ideas and business activities. I can definitely attest to the frustration of trying to start a movement toward something positive in the face of so much negativity and opposition. I can also relate to the feeling of abandonment and loneliness when the people around you don't come through for you as you thought they would in a time of need.

Her story might also be a red flag for how disconnected we have become as a society. Everyone seems to be so caught up in their own world that they can't see when someone they know or love might be in pain. We really have to do something about that. Reconnect.

Sometimes the people who smile often in public are hiding the greatest despairs in private. 

Call up someone in your life who you care about and ask them if they're okay -- especially if you know they have recently gone through a trying situation. Don't just assume they are okay because they haven't called you in tears. Go over for a talk or a walk around the neighborhood. You never know just how much that might mean to them in a hard time. Sometimes you just need a boost from SOMEONE, ANYONE to get back on track. They need to know that they're not alone in this.

And you never know when YOU may need that assistance in the future.

All in all, I wanted to take a moment to write about Ms. Washington and her awesome accomplishments. I wanted to simply speak her name and celebrate her for being such an inspiration and treasure at such a young age.

Thank you Karyn Washington for your contributions. You mattered. You DID something. It is appreciated.

Peace and love young sister !

The Classy Black Lady 



  1. Carmen Cardoza On April 11, 2014 at 7:39 AM

    Lovely memorial post.


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