Meaningless celebrity drama has definitely overwhelmed our cultural sensibilities and morals.

While I'm aware of the drama that arose between Solange Knowles and rapper Sean Carter recently, I've chosen to avoid commenting on it. But I have to put my thinking hat on and wonder about the timing. Was this was all an elaborate scheme to distract black attention from other pressing issues, like #BringBackOurGirls?

There is a small group of black feminists who are absolutely positively obsessed with everything that has to do with what entertainer Beyonce does or says. I know this for a fact after years of observing black sites and social media trends. Many of those same voices were speaking out about the girls missing from Nigeria recently. But now all they can talk about is "why Solange, Beyonce and Jay-Z did what they did that night..."

This makes me wonder, who really leaked that tape to the media in the first place and why? We have to think more critically about these things before reacting to them.

We (all members of modern society) are way too easily distracted, fooled and lured. We have become obsessed with celebs and celebrity news to the point where we will gladly put a couple of them over hundreds of young innocent girls.

I know that the people who really need to read this probably won't, but that won't stop me from typing it. We are being hoodwinked and bamboozled every day that we get up and log onto social media or click on the television. PERIOD.

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A lot of young girls and women are fooled by the "glamorous" life that strippers and sex workers portray online. Here are 3 reasons to twerk your brain instead of your butt.

Thanks to the media and popular entertainers, the message has gotten out to young girls and women that using your body to make money and get attention is the way to go. There are a flock of strippers and amateur porn "stars" on social media who now use the platform to beg for money from desperate and sex-obsessed men.

I don't want to judge them for their personal choices, but someone has to say something when young girls are being heavily influenced to pursue this lifestyle. I am more concerned about the impressionable young girls who look at these women with starry eyes as if this is something to aspire to in life. I'm definitely inspired to write about this after hearing Jada Pinkett-Smith's comments on this matter.

Online sex workers portray an image to the world that they have it all figured out at 21, but the reality of their lives is very different. Here are three reasons why using your body to make money isn't the best long-term plan.

Stripping Is a Lazy and Short-Minded Aspiration
It's relatively easy to exercise your behind -- to get in the gym and do squats so that you can slide down a pole just right. It's much more of a challenge to continuously exercise your mind. So of course a lazy-minded person will choose the easiest route. 

But the problem is that it doesn't matter how long you stay in the gym or plastic surgeon's office fixing up your body and face, there's going to come a day when no one wants to see you stripping. That day comes sooner than most strippers and sex workers expect, when the newer round of girls start to come to the club.

So say you spend 15-20 years focused on your body while not putting anything new into your head, then what?

This same dynamic happens to women who get married very young and rely on their husbands for income. When they divorce after 15-20 years they find themselves stuck in poverty.

Social media complicates things for young girls who choose to pursue this lifestyle, because thanks to pictures, videos and tweets that never disappear, it's hard to scrub away that legacy as you mature.

Self-education (exercising your brain) from an early age is how young women become wealthy and successful as they get older. More on that later.

Stripping Can Be a Trap, But Not in the Way You Probably Think
Jada Pinkett-Smith is one of the first high profile woman celebs to publicly talk about the life that strippers and sex workers are living. It is refreshing to get this perspective because the majority of woman celebrities of today create stripper music and suggest to young girls that using their body for success is an empowering idea.

Jada revealed that a lot of the young girls who come to the strip club starry-eyed end up being sold into a form of sex slavery. It's certainly not as glamorous as social media strippers would like you to believe.

Stripping Money Dries Up; Residuals Are Continuous
Now here's the most pressing point that I want to make to young black girls who may look up to strippers and sex workers for the financial aspect of this profession:

Online strippers enjoy luring attention from young people by posting pictures of dollars and PayPal payments, but did you know you can get paid A LOT more than what they're bragging about without having to shake your butt or breasts in someone's face?

Instead of chasing temporary attention and dollars from men, chase residual income.

In short, residual money is cash that you receive every month or quarter as a reward for exercising your brain. The growth of the Internet has made earning residuals a more viable proposition for everyone -- especially smart young black ladies.

There are women quietly earning many thousands of dollars every month without having to compromise their bodies and reputation. They get PayPals and deposits all the time (they just don't feel the need to advertise it on social media). They do it by exercising their brain power to create multiple income streams. 

Now when I talk about exercising your brain, I'm not talking about college training -- I'm talking about getting your own education in how to use the Internet and other resources to make money that comes in while you're sleeping. The money may not come as fast as stripping, but when it does start coming in it will continue to come in for many years -- maybe forever. A couple of examples:

- Here is an example of a smart and highly motivated sister who has been doing Internet marketing for many years.  
- This classy black lady has been living her dreams and traveling the world doing what she loves.
- This young black lady is already on her 2nd successful business and using her knowledge to share with other young black women.
The moral of this story is that if you want temporary attention and success, use your body. But if you want financial freedom and long-term success, you have to start twerking that brain girl -- the earlier you start, the better. 

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