Azealia Banks' independently released Broke with Expensive Taste album is getting great reviews and chart ratings.

 I don't usually announce or write about album releases of artists of today (mostly because I usually care very very little) but I'm taking a moment out today to talk about Azealia Banks' new Broke with Expensive Taste album (hashtag #BWET).

Azealia Banks (image: Twitter)
Why? Because she's a black girl who rocks ( literally).

Her album debuted yesterday, November 6, and the last I checked it reached #3 on the charts. It does not disappoint.

There's no doubt of the quality music on BWET, but I want to focus on the story behind it. This is the real reason I want to spotlight her album and give her support.

Azealia Banks is an unapologetically dark-skinned young black woman who is confident and talented at both singing and rapping. She had a fast rise in the underground music industry which eventually attracted the attention of Interscope records. Her infamous song 212 was (and still is) a worldwide hit.

But while signed to Interscope, Azealia's album was repeatedly delayed. Then Interscope dropped her from the label. All that we can do is guess why -- if I had to take a wild guess, it was a combination of Azealia being a rebellious "angry black woman" in the eyes of the white male dominated label and a disagreement about her song choice. I imagine they probably would have preferred her to write a whole lot more songs about how great white boys are...just a theory.

So Azealia went out on her own. She didn't get discouraged enough to stop pushing forward--she kept making and releasing new music. She kept touring. She kept tweeting despite the constant negativity from fans and the public (T.I. the "black" male rapper who brought Iggy Azeala to the hip hop community publicly threatened her life and called her "below mediocre.")

And just yesterday she released her album to awesome reviews. The album quickly rose to the top 10 on iTunes within hours (#3 to be exact). INDEPENDENTLY meaning she is holding onto a lot of her own coins. She didn't need the backing and promotion of a major label to achieve these results. Why? Because she actually has talent.

If that isn't a black girl who rocks story I don't know what is.

She an example to young black girls and women that no matter what, you go after your dreams -- even if the world seems to be against you.

For all of these reasons and the high quality of her album Broke with Expensive Taste #BWET, I encourage other black girls who rock to support Azealia. Her album is available for download through iTunes and Amazon.

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