When I was coming of age in the 90s, we had a lot of great performers and entertainers, from TLC to Aaliyah to Mary to Janet to D'Angelo. But while we loved these artists, the admiration was just that of a fan. 

Nowadays fandom has turned into standom. Eminem made the term popular with a song he wrote about an obsessed fan named Stan who ended up doing something really crazy at the end of the story.

Everything in Moderation
Being a fan of someone you like is in our nature as humans. Loving a certain public figure is understandable. But everything in moderation. When your infatuation with one person completely takes over your whole life, that's concerning. 

Stans completely lose themselves in their celebrity obsession and live vicariously through the person they worship. They learn to defend the object of their admiration even if that high profile person displays negative or harmful behavior. This mentality strips them of their individuality and ability to think rationally.

Dictators usually have a lot of stans, and that's pretty much how they manage to brainwash entire nations.

Where Did Stanning Come From?
So what caused this increase in the number and intensity of stanning? I believe it's due to a significant decline in the self-esteem of young people. They're sad. They're angry. They feel unloved. They don't feel that they have an identity of their own, so they are more vulnerable to living under the cover of obsession with celebrities. 

Our celebrity/reality TV/sports obsessed culture also plays a role.

It's possible that this is a phase and young people will eventually grow out of their tendency toward obsession with celebrities (it's an addiction like any other). But the only real, permanent solution would be to learn self-love and self-worth. 

When it comes right down to it, the main person you should be "stanning" for in your life is YOU.

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