Here are step by step instructions for how to block or lock VH1 and other offensive channels from your cable guide.

Recently I decided to block VH1 from my television guide to support a boycott against the station (#BoycottSororitySisters). Before anyone says "well why didn't you boycott before" -- I have supported countless reality TV boycotts including All My Babies Mamas, which was taken off the air. This battle is another of my choosing because it targets the reputation of historically black organizations that have been supporting the black community for decades. 

I learned that while you can't remove a channel completely from your TV guide, you can lock or block the channel so that people in your household won't be able to watch and won't be tempted to watch. In some cases you can also hide the channel from your guide's listing.

Here is a short list of common cable services and how to lock them or "hide" them from your channel guide.

How to Lock or Block Channels on Verizon Fios:

Alternative Option for Verizon Fios
Create a favorite channels list (you can then use this favorites list as your channel guide and "block out" all unwanted channels daily):

How to Lock or Block Channels on Dish Network:

In addition to allowing you to lock channels, dish network allows you to hide them from your guide, so you won't even see them!
(Click "How to Use Channel Locks" and "How to Hide Locks")

Alternative Option for Dish Network
Create a favorite channels list (you can then choose "view in guide" and use that as your channel guide).

How to Lock or Block Channels on DIRECTV

Alternative Option for DIRECTV
This allows you to add favorite channels and create custom lists to use as your channel guide:

How to Lock or Block Channels on Time Warner Cable

Alternative Option for Time Warner Cable (Favorite Lists)

How to Block Channels on Comcast Xfinity

First set up a parental locks pin:

Then block individual channels:

More guidance on parental locks:

More options:

Alternative Option for Comcast Xfinity (Favorite Lists)
Create your own personal channel list:

Hope that helps simplify things. If you have another service, the process of blocking or locking a cable channel is probably similar. If you know of additional ways to block channels from viewing on your channel guide, please post them in the comments below.

Love CBLady

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Some in the black community question why sorority members are defending their organizations against reality TV slander, but why didn't you support these 20 open calls for support?

While looking over the various tweets on my timelines about #SororitySisters, I see that many of them ask "why didn't those sorority members protest such and such show?" I began to scratch my head in confusion...

Because in my five or so years running this blog, I've come across countless petitions and calls for boycotts of the black reality shows that many blacks have now come to love and accept. Below is a list of just 20 links to black reality TV petitions or calls for boycotts that I found in about 20 minutes of searching.

The only one that I can remember being successful was the petition that caused Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas" to be pulled from Oxygen.

So I ask in response, why didn't you, the black community as a whole, support these causes more when you had the chance if you're seriously concerned about these shows airing?

I admire these Black Greek Lettered Organizations for organizing with a purpose and using their power in numbers to launch a serious boycott, which seems to be working at this point. They are businesses and have every right to protect the integrity of their organizations.

You can do the same if you're dismayed; so why not start your own petition or boycott today?

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