Some in the black community question why sorority members are defending their organizations against reality TV slander, but why didn't you support these 20 open calls for support?

While looking over the various tweets on my timelines about #SororitySisters, I see that many of them ask "why didn't those sorority members protest such and such show?" I began to scratch my head in confusion...

Because in my five or so years running this blog, I've come across countless petitions and calls for boycotts of the black reality shows that many blacks have now come to love and accept. Below is a list of just 20 links to black reality TV petitions or calls for boycotts that I found in about 20 minutes of searching.

The only one that I can remember being successful was the petition that caused Shawty Lo's "All My Babies' Mamas" to be pulled from Oxygen.

So I ask in response, why didn't you, the black community as a whole, support these causes more when you had the chance if you're seriously concerned about these shows airing?

I admire these Black Greek Lettered Organizations for organizing with a purpose and using their power in numbers to launch a serious boycott, which seems to be working at this point. They are businesses and have every right to protect the integrity of their organizations.

You can do the same if you're dismayed; so why not start your own petition or boycott today?



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