It's estimated that 60% of black girls are molested as children. SIXTY PERCENT. It could be even more because a lot of cases aren't reported.

This situation and how it affects black girls was addressed in great detail in the award winning Showtime documentary Dreamcatcher. It follows the life of a former sex worker who has committed her life to helping young girls and women avoid prostitution.

And what you quickly find while watching the program is that pretty much ALL of the girls who choose to sell their bodies were molested as little girls -- as young as 4.

Some people act as if black girls are naturally promiscuous and can't help themselves, but the reality of the situation is that MANY of them are having their innocence taken from them at a VERY young age by grown men. 

Think about it -- after you had your very first sexual experience, didn't it make the decision to have sex again and again much easier? Well we're talking about young, underdeveloped kids losing their virginity to rape. They are powerless and placed into a "rock or a hard place" situation until they're 18.

What I want to know is when will the black community hold these molesters more accountable for their actions instead of putting all of the weight on the girls?

One of the most damaging parts of being molested and raped for these girls is being victimized and no one cares. Not even their mothers. Their mothers look at this as some type of "rite of passage" instead of going to bat for their daughters so that the cycle can be broken.

If you've ever been victimized, think about how it makes you feel when nobody cares, nobody believes you and nobody does anything about it. It happened to me once (a violent encounter by a security guard that the police refused to pursue) and it contributed to a major bout of depression. It changed my life and how I looked at people as well as authorities.

So imagine what these young girls feel when everybody stays hush hush and continues to protect these molester men? These molesters must feel so comfortable doing what they do to young girls, because there are so many cases of this going on.

Does the Black Community Need "Molester Catchers?"
There are plenty of programs, like the Dreamcatchers, to help young girls who are victims, but where are the programs that hold molester men more accountable for their crimes? These girls need advocates who they can call when they don't feel comfortable with a particular man in their home around them. They need advocates who will understand the child's fear of being separated from their families. There needs to be a reliable way to remove these molester men from the community for good.

Maybe a movement to fund anti-rape condoms for young girls will help? I find that a worthy cause for donating money. That way these deviants can be caught red-handed and finally have a reason to think twice before pursuing a young black girl.

There also needs to be more intense counseling of the mothers, who would rather have the company of a molester man than to defend and protect their little girls. And we all know how much the black community has a natural proclivity to defending men at any cost (including the cost of the health and welfare of its girls).

All it takes is one generation to BREAK that cycle and instill self-esteem.

More Solutions, Time for Action
Where are the solutions that address getting these molester men off the streets and out of the homes of these young black girls? That's what's needed in addition to programs like Dreamcatcher -- stop the nonsense from both ends of the spectrum, beginning to end. Hopefully this Showtime documentary, and the question of this post (when will the black community hold molester men accountable) will start a wave of positive change.




  1. ak On March 31, 2015 at 6:22 PM

    You said: "What I want to know is when will the black community hold these molesters more accountable for their actions instead of putting all of the weight on the girls?"

    I say why should their be any weight put on black girls in the first place regarding rape and sexual assault which are ALWAYS forced and never consented to and when one is an underage GIRL one cannot legally consent to anything anyway!

      ak On March 31, 2015 at 6:39 PM

    The problem is also that black people have an insane hatred for the duty of calling the police on other black people, ESPECIALLY on black men, in order to press charges against them and put them in prison!!! Yet these same black hypocrites will in private among themselves or in public on national TV declare foolishness such as 'What is happening to the black community?', 'Why have our communities changed so much and become so violent compared to back when I was growing up?', 'What is happening with our young black men?', yadda, yadda, yadda....And it's either straight up hypocrisy or straight up 'magical thinking' but I don't see Harry Potter or Gandalf anywhere!

    It's not just the proper parenting, present and decent fathers in the home, etc. that are necessary among black people in black communities it's also the fact that you have to face up to the truth that there will always be 'human' lowest common denominators, psychopaths, wastrels, etc. that you will need to permanently oust from your neighborhoods and your own lives in order to maintain balance, security, protection and also in order to be just plain ol' happy in these short lives of ours! Duh! These criminals don't just come in 'white' or 'non-black' and you darn well know it!

    And then they go on as if white people are the only ones who go around molesting or raping kids and start acting brand new about how black neighborhoods that were safe decades ago came to be known as pits of hell to be vacated by 4:00 PM like The Purge movie with Ethan Hawke....

    Why do you love black murderers, rapists, child molesters/rapists or pedophiles, thieves, pimps and child traffickers?? Why do you love them enough to make sure that they 'stay on the outside' among the rest of us instead of 'on the inside' where they belong with the rest of the criminals? Why do you demand protests for Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin when you can't even make sure that black girls including black teenage girls are safe, secure and protected at all times and have 'many legs' to stand on regarding justice when needed???

      vonnie On April 6, 2015 at 12:04 PM

    brilliant post....we have FAILED our girls, by and large. i'm like the ONLY one of my crew who was not raped/molested. wtf? shitty circumstances

      Anonymous On June 1, 2016 at 4:27 AM

    Not to mention those who were raped from a very early age, got pregnant, had to keep the child and had all the vitriol and shame poured on them by all the adults in and outside of the home. Disgusting. No protection anywhere.


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