I heard about #SandraBland by chance after seeing her hashtag show up on my timeline. It took days for it to even trend because people were too busy talking about their usual nonsense on Twitter. At the time of this posting, they are still awaiting autopsy reports to find out what really happened to her. After examining the various stories related to this case, there are a few nagging questions that have been on my mind about Sandra Bland -- a sister that needed help and didn't get it at any turn. 

1) Where were her friends and family?

I may be wrong, but from reading the many reports of what happened, Sandra didn't seem to have anyone visiting or responding to her while she was in jail for 3 days.

When she called her friend, she got voicemail. When she learned that she had to put up a $500 bond, she only had $100. No one she knew, not a family member, friend or soror could wire her the other $400 she needed to get free from that situation? Why didn't anyone go visit her to see to her condition after she was brutalized by that officer?

2) Why Is the Police Releasing Her Mental History to the Public?

Doesn't that fall under HIPAA? Why is it necessary that the public knows her answers to a mental checkup before they know autopsy reports? Why is it the worlds business that she lost a baby and her godmother recently?

You see, this is why many people, particularly women, and even more particularly black women, don't tell anyone that they are struggling with mental illness. Because if you go through one tragedy or hard time they will just call you CRAZY or suicidal if something goes down. You get written off as if you deserved what happened to you.

3) What If She Was Menstruating?

Women have unique biological issues that men do not. Who's to say that Sandra Bland wasn't menstruating at the time that officer pulled her over? This is purely hypothetical. I thought of this because I have had situations of completely losing my cool at that time of the month. I bring this question up because this is yet another reason why you don't manhandle a woman, berate her like a man or bait her into an argument.

Who's to say this sister didn't have problems with heavy bleeding, fibroids or another issue, already having a bad day, and then this guy tricks her into getting pulled over. Having PMS can affect your mood or reaction to just about anyone or anything that happens to you. Then imagine getting slammed, abused, assaulted and jailed while on or right before your period. 

4) What's the Official Charge for "Back Talking" or Questioning a Police Officer?

As citizens we all need clarification about our rights when it comes to questioning a police officer. What can you be charged with if you question an order that doesn't sound right or lawful? Or is this only a problem when black people do it? 

There are a number of Youtube videos showing white men "exercising their constitutional rights" by back talking and challenging police officers. One guy had an outstanding arrest warrant and no driver's license--the officer politely gave him a warning, said "have a good day." 

5) What Was She Going Through?

The story of Sandra Bland hanging herself doesn't add up, not one bit. She reportedly hung herself using a flimsy garbage bag from a 5' shower rod though she's 6' tall. However, I wouldn't be surprised if she was at the end of the line mentally at that point. 

This question doesn't really have so much to do with Sandra's death, but just what many black women go through in general. Being stereotyped, shunned, abandoned, mistreated, abused and neglected in so many ways. You're driving along, alone, minding your lawful business one day, and end up in jail on a ghost charge, probably missing your first day of work after being assaulted and slammed to the ground by a racist cop. Let's be clear, Sandra didn't do anything that wasn't within her rights that day. She spoke her mind, that was her only "crime"--being a vocal black woman.

I think of what may have been going through Sandra's mind. Feeling so alone in that cold jail cell, surrounded by mostly racist officers, who were probably talking down to her and no one was there for moral support? She must have really done some major soul searching.

I am sad about what happened to Sandra Bland, no matter the exact cause of death. I pray that her soul is in a good place flying free. Rest in power sis, your name won't be forgotten.

Last Post
After this latest mentally draining story, I've decided that it may be time to retire ClassyBlackLady.com . It's because I feel that it's served it's initial purpose--to defend and support black women, who were being unfairly attacked when Mrs. Obama became our First Lady in 2008. I also feel sometimes that I'm writing into the wind, with no one really hearing or appreciating my words, yet I'm putting out a lot of energy. My energy is precious and I have to preserve it more.

From now on if new posts do come through, they will be positive stories and news about black women, or just passing on the word.

If I could give a word of advice to black women, it would be TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Don't let anyone, your family, friends, a man or anyone hold you in chains. Do what you want to do in this life. Because when it comes down to it, you're the only one who really "got you."

If you want to move to Costa Rica and eat coconuts at the beach, DO IT. 

If you want to quit your job and play a guitar in Penn Station, DO IT.

If you want to start your own business selling handmade soaps at fairs around the country, DO IT.

If you feel that you're in financial chains, get free however you can. By any means necessary. Don't worry about what others will think of you because of your choices, get FREE.

If deep down you don't think this country is the best place for you, travel to find a place that is, and make a 3-5 year plan to get out. 

Follow your heart and intuition. 
I love you!


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