Being a fan of someone is normal, but there is something dangerous when we elevate a mere mortal to the status of a "God."

It happens every few years or so, sometimes more frequently. Beyonce releases a song or video and black women collectively lose their minds. It's quite a sight to witness as someone who's a casual listener of her music.

I think that Beyonce is very talented at singing and dancing, but no more so than any other major entertainer of the 20th or 21st century. But for some reason, black women seem hell bent on elevating her to the status of a God; an untouchable.

These black women, and to a much lesser degree black men, are now officially worshipping this woman and holding her to a God-like status. They don't even talk about and defend GOD this much. It's a disturbing sight to behold -- am I the only one who notices the dysfunction in this? I get low self-esteem vibes when anyone spends more time uplifting a celebrity than they do focusing on themselves. 

And it's not just the fringes of black women who are doing this. It is women that we're supposed to look up to, including Michelle Obama (who made a point to mention in an interview that she hopes Beyonce likes what she's wearing) and well-read cultural critics who work for black magazines. These are people who we are SUPPOSED to respect, look up to and look to for answers, acting like pimply-faced teenaged fans. 

It's gotten to the point where you can't even make a contrary remark about this woman (yes, she's still just a WOMAN who happens to have a talent for singing and dancing) without someone trying to jump down your throat.

I saw a post from a black man who took a picture of his young dark-skinned black daughter watching the Beyonce performance. He commented that "this is so important" for her to see. Really? You want your daughter to grow up aspiring to be one of Beyonce's backup singers? Check the imagery in the photo -- here's the one light skinned woman with a long blonde weave leading a "pack" of militant dark skinned woman with Afros. Do you want your daughter to be a follower, a "stan" or a leader? Or do you want your daughter to aspire to look like Beyonce? Because I can guarantee you that no one really cares about the Afro wearing black women in the background in the grand scheme of things -- they are merely props.

She's a Business, Man
I wonder if anyone else with some good sense has noticed that Beyonce is a master at collecting other people's money. She's not in this to support movements (shout out to Black Lives Matter) -- she's in this for two main reasons a) to get ALL the attention like most celebrity narcissists and b) to collect all your coins. She and her people are very strategic about what they do. They've hit the jackpot getting Superbowl attention because it's right around tax time when a lot of people are "hood rich." By May they will be begging and borrowing again after spending all of their money on meaningless things -- including Beyonce concert tickets and Red Lobster meals for their men who are "fucking them right." Beyonce and Jay Z will be many tens of millions of dollars richer, living in their comfy, protected fantasy world that most of their fans will never get to experience.

Do you think that Beyonce would do any of this if it didn't mean she'd be collecting many millions of your dollars? There's nothing wrong with getting money, I definitely encourage it! But when black women are holding this woman up as a cultural ICON, a GOD of black women who is trying to lead us to salvation, a reminder is needed. She is, first and foremost, a BUSINESS woman who is a master of propaganda, imagery and transferring your $$ into her bank account by any means necessary. Her husband as well. 

Yes, Some White People Are Annoying But Some of You Are You're Acting Like Them...
It is very annoying to read the predictable commentary from white people who say "why weren't we included in the performance, racism" and "well, Beyonce hates the police." But there is a lesson to learn from them -- these are people who are completely brainwashed in their ideology. Everything is a fight to defend their ideology, the police (no matter what they do) and by default white supremacy. They don't think critically. These are the Trump supporters who hold onto every word he says like it's gospel. I don't know how it happened, but he successfully used propaganda to elevate himself to a God-like status with these brainwashed people. It's almost cult-like.

Don't be like these weird people -- please don't get so caught up in the ideology of "standom" for celebrities that you can't think critically anymore. It's dangerous.
There's an actual psychological diagnosis called Celebrity Worship Syndrome (CWS) and I think an inordinate number of black women have the mild or moderate form of this disorder when it comes to Beyonce, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj. It's an OBSESSIVE ADDICTIVE disorder -- this is real y'all. Psychologists say that it's a replacement for real healthy relationships. Read more about CWS here --- >

Can Anybody Hear Me
I stopped posting on this blog because I don't think anyone really "hears me," even though when I check the statistics I actually do have a good number of readers. My last post was supposed to be my last, but I'm posting this today because I feel it REALLY REALLY needs to be said, not by a white critic at a magazine or white feminist, but by someone who understands the struggles and complications of black womanhood. Someone who has been in the trenches, demanding respect and acknowledgement for black women for years. Someone who is concerned for the mental health and future of black women and girls.

I'm posting this because even if no one "hears" me today, at least I spoke up and said something. I think a lot of young black women are going to wake up one day and regret the amount of time and cash they wasted on celebrities, and posting hour after hour on social media.

I've been a black woman for over 30 years, so one thing you definitely won't tell me is who I should look up to, "worship" or regard as a black woman. I don't look up to Beyonce, or any of these modern day narcissistic celebrities that fight for the limelight, and anyone who doesn't like that will have to deal.

On that same note, I clearly don't have the right to tell you how to be a black woman. I would just ask that you think your way critically through life. Love who you want, be a fan of who you like, but please don't get completely brainwashed into becoming a lock stepper who so willingly elevates a HIGHLY FLAWED human being (like you and me) to a God-like status. 

Love CBL



  1. Anonymous On February 10, 2016 at 5:33 PM

    You are so right!! I am glad I am not the only one who sees bey using BLM, etc as a platform for financial gain and popularity.

      Unknown On February 12, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    Amen! You are not alone, it is mortifying to see how hard these "women" go for her and she is actually run of the mill at best. Well written article!

      GiftOfDiscernment On February 12, 2016 at 12:21 PM

    Bravo! I am glad to see others out here who don't believe the hype and are offended, not only by her appropriation of BLM, but the exploitation of New Orleans trauma which many are still hurting from today. Well written article!

      Anonymous On February 22, 2016 at 7:18 PM

    You know myself like far too many black women are energy and time wasters. We waste time thinking about people balck and white who don't care about us. If we want to have slim healthy bodies, we should start to exercise and eat healthy but we don't, If we want to have money can we not become creative and have a sideline business, if we want to relax and have fun in our life instead of going nightclubs and strip clubs, drinking and wasting money, could we not go on a small picnic or a nice walk or read an interesting novel. You know what with the internet and if you don't discipline yourself you find yourself involved in looking up celebrities lives. Far too many black women are window dressers and escape artist. This is the time for us to discipline ourselves, be honest with ourselves and to change ourselves for the better. Celebrities, Preachers ,Black Men and Whites of both gender should never be a God to Black women. We should be our own God and live a life of happiness and Excellent Health


      KenyaDoll On March 18, 2016 at 8:28 AM

    I can't believe no one has commented. They're busy being blind, I guess. Good see someone on the same page as me. :)

      Anonymous On April 22, 2016 at 11:20 AM

    Many make these people out to be Gods, because in part, as you said (and I too have noticed), too many people have low self-esteem / feel unimportant without fame, wealth.

    Many don't even stop to think that these people have had lots, and lots, and lots of help! They don't even consider such a simple thing as that.

      Khadisa Z. On May 15, 2016 at 11:54 PM

    This was an amazing read thank-you !

      Anonymous On May 16, 2016 at 9:49 AM


    I've had people cut their eyes at me when I simply remarked, "this is a packaged, marketing ploy that targets Black women."

    It's frightening and insane. Her fans are disgusting.

      Anonymous On July 1, 2016 at 10:00 PM

    You are absolutely correct. The level of what I like to call IDOLATRY for Beyoncé is just astounding. Their standing makes her out to be more than she actually is. She is not the next coming of Christ already.

      Anonymous On September 7, 2016 at 6:41 PM

    This is a problem that is not just Beyonce and not just any particular race...some people (like my friend of 30 years who is obssessed with an Old Hollywood female star or my sister who tattooed her arm and flew out to Minneapolis for a suddenly dead rock star when her car won't run reliably) will sideline responsibilities, toss away money, or worse yet give you a lifetime of rigid drag queen / diva posturing that will leave you feeling as burned out as living with a drug addict and emotionally, intellectually, and socially starved for adult my thirty odd years of experience with loved ones with celebrity worship syndrome...I see it as being the same as the arm chair quarterback...passive acting out or acting up by low self-esteem persons who don't work their own game and take a healthy satisfaction in other thing - as someone who spent my wild youth around the heavy metal scene with make it or bust musicians and did dancing myself...when you are around all that and see how it's really done and know people in the scene whether they become famous or not - it feels more real, gritty, less glamorous and yes it gets tiresome and then everybody who survived it decided to grow up.When I see people stuck in celebrity worship syndrome while I am relatively innoculated against it I am grateful for my growing pains...the familiar gets less exotic...have your friends do a little sideline with stage work, modeling, karaoke, featured dancing and they'll possibly grow out of it...finally human should ever be made a God...


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