Older people need to let younger people have a chance to shine.

Plastic surgery and similar treatments that help keep older people look young have their benefits. But the desire to stay young (no matter what) has had an effect on our society that a lot of people don't recognize off the bat.

Older people don't want to allow younger people a chance to thrive. A chance that they *should* have.

Because the older generations continue to clutch desperately to their youths, they don't leave enough room or opportunity for *actual* young people to do what they did.

Entertainers Who Can't Let Go of the Spotlight 
Think about it. The majority of entertainers in the limelight today were seriously supposed to retire years ago. Back in the day, once you exited your 20s you handed the baton to other talented folks so that they could do their thing. 

But not anymore. Now you have people who had their moment 10, 20 or even 30 years ago still clutching to fame and trying to stay relevant. As an example, I'll casually point to a certain rapper who was supposed to have retired over 10 years ago, but has recently released a highly publicized audiobook-style rap album in his circa-50s.

I understand why they do it. No one wants to be relegated to irrelevancy -- especially after so many years of being praised and uplifted by fans. But at some point you need to allow NEW people a chance to do what you did. That's what cultural progression is all about.

I'll give a great example in the music world. New Edition sat down, probably mostly out of necessity, and they allowed groups like Boyz 2 Men, Jodeci and 112 to step in. They became amazingly popular groups in the 90s but if New Edition would have stubbornly held onto the spotlight no matter what, we never would have had that magic 90s groups brought to us. And because they did it the right way, we have a chance now to pay *proper* reverence to New Edition and what they brought to the culture. Many fans are eager to see them perform today no matter how old they are.

Another example is Whitney Houston. Again, I don't know if her stepping aside was a natural progression or due to her personal issues. But when she did, it paved the way for Mariah Carey, SWV, Aaliyah, Lauryn Hill and others to have some shine.

Madonna was a huge deal when I was a child, but if she had continued to selfishly hog the spotlight we would have never seen the Avril Lavignes, Alanis Morrissettes and Pinks of that genre.

I'm sure Kool G Rap, Rakim, Run DMC, Roxanne and Salt N Pepa would have liked to stay in the limelight, but thankfully they allowed the Nas', Tupacs and Lil Kim's to have their moments.

Old Side Chicks 
An example from everyday life: old ass side chicks. You're approaching 40 or 50, but because you got a few butt shots and a weave you still want to try to steal a younger woman's husband/baby's father. At some point, either have enough respect for yourself to get your mind right and find a decent guy of your own OR just let that young woman have some peace of mind and a chance to strengthen her family. 

Older people have to know when to hang it up and let young people have their moments. You had your turn. Let something new have a chance to blossom.

If you want to remain relevant, be there for a younger person as a support system and guide them to greatness. Mentor them and help them do better.


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Designer babies on display for likes and tweets? Has the whole world gone crazy or just a large portion? 

I honestly can't stand social media for a number of reasons but I still use it to stay up to date with what's going on in the world. Unfortunately it exposes us to every bit of information we may not need to know, including annoying celebrity news and the newest F-up by 45.

The last "big celeb news" I saw on Twitter was a baby announcement from one of the most shameless celebs. 

Now look. No longer is a baby announcement made with a simple smiling photo holding the beautiful bundle of joy. No. That's too "basic."

In this particular photo, your eyes are assaulted with an explosion of flowers and pastel colors. It looks like Ms. Spring from American gods had an orgasm. You have to look extra close to even notice the two babies in the photo (who are supposed to be the ones featured right?).

Of course the young dumb ones went absolutely crazy over this whole display. (Ohmagaaaaaaaaa). And the media is having a fit mentioning it every chance they get. 

But meanwhile, I'm sitting here quietly, sipping my Chocolate frosty, wondering if the whole world has gone mad. Or is it just me?? 

They are now using BABIES as accessories?? REALLY? Babies? And this is cool? This is okay?

Now there's a competition for celebrities to have a pair of babies IN VITRO and then use them for decoration and marketing. WTF!

Thoughts About In Vitro
Let's get off the topic of celebrities for a moment to talk about the more concerning issue. In vitro fertilization is what's really becoming the new wave. Mother Nature said "no" but these women intent on birthing new babies are saying "eff that" and having them by any means necessary. The in vitro process often leads to the creation of not just one new life but MULTIPLE children. Remember Octo Mom?

We already have a population problem in this world, and loads of kids who are up for adoption, but that's just not on the radar of wealthy people and celebs these days. They are so rabidly narcissistic that they just HAVE to bring a new image of themselves into this world. Or four. Or five. Or 10.

At the moment, we have no real idea if this in vitro process has long term effects on the children -- what it could mean for their health and wellbeing in the future. Not to mention, we don't know what their place will be in this world if it becomes even more vastly overpopulated because of their narcissistic parents. We're already feeling the effects of climate change and ice bergs the size of countries are breaking off into the ocean. Not to mention the mental and behavioral disorders that young kids are popping up with already. 

What are these children facing in the future? They are completely at the mercy of their narcissistic parents who conceive them in vitro for selfish reasons (to post on Facebook and brag to their friends).

I don't know y'all... tell me... am I the only one who sees the flaws in all of this nonsense? Now we have "designer babies" on display by their narcissistic parents - where is the line? Is there a line anymore?? Holla if you hear me.


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