I was watching an episode of Golden Girls late one night. It is entitled The Housekeeper. In it the girls hire a sassy black woman housekeeper to tidy up their home. She has all sorts of unconventional ways and traditions. When she does a bad job at housekeeping and they fire her they start to get all sorts of bad luck. They believe she's cast a spell on them for letting her go.

This episode of Golden Girls made me think of how many people from that period in the 1980s may have watched this episode and decided that having a black housekeeper wasn't the best idea. Up until this episode, I can't remember one black woman being cast in the show.

People really take what they see on television and in movies seriously. It's kind of unnerving.

I was watching an interview with the cast members of Power on STARZ and they talked about this. They said their real lives are being affected by the show. People really think that they are the characters in the television show. They have forgotten that they are actors and actresses getting a paycheck.

I'm starting to wonder if people are really losing their minds to the point where they can't separate a working human being from an actor or show writer. Celebrity obsession?

Hello people. Television shows and movies are written by everyday people who got an opportunity. The concepts for the shows come from the *imagination* they are not real. 

Maybe people are having a hard time distinguishing fantasy from reality because of the popularity of reality shows. They really think that the characters on TV shows are experiencing these real life dramas when they are just heavily scripted.

I love a good television series or movie just like the next person for inspiration, but I refuse to become so involved in a show that I can't distinguish fantasy from reality.




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