Some time ago I wrote a post about black rappers and their formula for "success." Since that time a number of black rappers who continuously follow that simple minded formula have taken a dive in sales. Fuck them. Cardi B is beating you all for a reason. Do better.

Today I had a thought to write about a few other black media sources who I believe are destroying and spoiling black culture daily, just so that they can make as many coins as possible. One day I believe the young people of today who love these black media sources will have to admit that they were a part of the overall decline of the quality of black culture in the United States. This list will probably grow over time, but here are a few that come to mind:

This is a black celebrity gossip site, run mostly by black people I presume, that posts garbage about celebrities daily. They pride themselves on writing provocative headlines as click bait (Celebrity X Smashes Celebrity Ys cakes to smithereens." They're mostly a source of fake news ala Donald Trump because they don't need to have proof of their stories on order to post them. The site is a cesspool of stupid information that doesn't really matter, keeping the minds of young people hostage to nonsense about so-called celebrities and twisted news stories.

World Star Hip Hop
I was watching a show recently that highlighted just how silly kids of today look when they all pull out their phones to record a situation rather than intervene in real life. One of the reasons why young people do this is a site called World Star Hip Hop. They feel they can get famous somehow from recording fuckery as it happens, namely fights. This is a sign of a person's character. Each person behind that camera recording as other people are either in distress or in a bad argument is a COWARD. Cowards should not ever be celebrated. World Star Hip Hop is a site for and by cowards. 

Mona Scott and Crew
Mona Scott is the mastermind behind the Love and Hip Hop and Basketball Wives television franchises. And she's very proud of that. If there was ever a black woman on the planet who was most like Donald Trump, Mona is probably it. She will publish anything for a buck, even if it bends and contorts the minds of very young people. 5 year olds are watching these shows at this point. They're learning young how to fight with their siblings and friends. They're learning how to "read" people, which I'm so sure will bode well for them when they try to get a job in the future. Black people are already divided and struggling with PTSD that goes back to slavery. Putting a bunch of desperate, cash strapped, mentally ill people together on a television show for ratings so that they can fight it out surely isn't going to help anything.

The Breakfast Club (To an Extent)
I hesitated to put this on the list because I do believe The Breakfast Club has its merits. They talk about issues that young people need to talk about, including mental health, love, relationships, social justice, and working for a living. I only have one issue, and that is how they report the news. I have listened to this show on several occasions and frequently hear them mix serious news stories with nonsense "news." In one instance, they reported that wildfires were killing people in California then a second later reported that black emojis were now available! This type of news reporting desensitizes people, especially young people, and can't be tolerated.

Instagram Celebrities
Everytime I hear that a supposed o be grown celebrity is posting a "rant" on Instagram it makes me want to scream like Michael Jackson. Here you have 30, 40, sometimes 50 year old people Instagram fighting. They post these long drawn out paragraphs with poor grammar, threats, silly sayings, and a thousand hashtags. Seriously, do an age check. Just how grown are you? What are you showing your children? I know that social media makes you THINK you're in middle school but you're actually just having a midlife crisis!

10 or 20 years from now who knows what black culture in the US will be like. These people are going to keep on with their desperate money grab for as long as they can, meanwhile the children suffer. God help us and future generations.




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